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We’re committed to making a positive impact for oncology patients. Whether you’re a healthcare or business professional we want people who are passionate about joining us to make a difference. 

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At GenesisCare we’re at the forefront in oncology and working with us means changing the way people experience cancer treatment and care.

As an independent cancer care provider, we’re committed to investing in our teams so that we can deliver personalised care using the latest most advanced diagnostic techniques and treatments to treat the whole patient, not just their cancer.

Our investment in our employees means they’re empowered to grow and learn within their roles through being part of the latest innovations, accessing professional memberships, training or attending conferences – we’re here to make it happen.

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Why work with us?

We want professionals who are committed to seeing and doing things differently. Joining our team means being as passionate as we are about innovation and working together to drive improved life outcomes for patients.

We have a strong patient-focussed culture where many of our patients rate our care as excellent*. This is down to our dedicated and highly skilled teams who listen to our patients every day, giving them back choice and control.  


Our 14 centres meet the standards required by people living with cancer, which is why we’ve been recognised by the Macmillan Quality Environment Mark. We invest in state-of-the-art technology in a warm and welcoming environment. Our teams also value our free parking or convenient locations to transport. 


Our values

We hold five key values at the core of everything we do, they're essential to our business and our identity. They set out what’s important to us, how we work and what our culture is about – helping us to fulfil our purpose.

Find out what these mean to us and more about who we are.

Empathy for all

Empathy for all

Empathy for all

We understand the needs, emotions and ambitions of our patients and each other.

Innovation every day

Innovation every day

We all contribute insightful, innovative ideas, both big and small.

Partnership inside & out

Partnership inside & out

We work as one to achieve more, both inside and outside of GenesisCare.

Bravery to have a go

Bravery to have a go

We dare to make ideas happen, to make the impossible a reality.

Integrity always

Integrity always

We do the right thing for our patients, our partners and each other. 

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental values at GenesisCare. We are committed to building a culture where everyone feels valued, respected, and included. We strive to create an environment where diversity is celebrated and people are empowered to bring their whole selves to work. We believe that this not only benefits our team members, but it also helps us provide the best possible care to our patients and their families.

Every individual is valued. Every individual contributes to patient care. Every individual makes a difference.

Cathie Chapman, People & Culture Director, GenesisCare UK


Our roles

We’re a team of highly skilled clinical professionals and key support staff.

We achieve more together than a part and encourage each other to share our ideas and best practice.

We work closely with expert multi-disciplinary teams including leading oncologists, surgeons, and radiologists.

Being part of our team means delivering the best care for patients, every step of the way. 

We value each individual across our business, encouraging collaboration & innovation to create an exciting, dynamic environment for both our patients and our teams.

Justin Hely, General Manager, GenesisCare UK

Who we are

Holding hands

We believe those facing cancer are deserving of better treatment, with improved cancer technology and personalised care that can change lives. Cancer treatment and care is constantly evolving and, as a global organisation, we're at the cutting edge of new technologies and the latest evidence-based treatments from around the world.

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At GenesisCare we want to work with people who are as passionate as we are about innovation and working together to drive better life outcomes for patients.

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