Designing innovative care

Designing evidence-based cancer care to help patients achieve the best possible life outcomes.

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We don't treat John's cancer, we treat John

We believe care should be focused on you, the individual, not the condition.

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Modern treatment and techniques

We offer modern treatment and techniques, and aim to provide the best possible clinical outcomes for patients.

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We are changing the face of cancer care

At GenesisCare, we offer a personalised cancer care experience with more than 40 oncology centres in Australia.

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Our centres

We have more than 40 oncology centres in metro and regional Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia.

Our doctors

Personalised medicine is a focus of our service model. Our specialised doctors offer bespoke, dedicated care aiming to provide the best possible clinical outcomes.

Careers with GenesisCare

Interested in joining the GenesisCare team? Whether you are a healthcare or business professional, we want people who care about providing the best personalised care experience for our patients.

Who we are

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Designing personalised care for people with cancer

We offer our patients new proven technology, advanced techniques and approved treatment protocols. Together these mean our patients achieve the best possible life outcomes.

What we offer patients

Why choose us?

Personal care

We don’t just treat your condition, we treat you. We offer a personal experience, focused on relationships with real people that get us talked about long after treatment ends.

Evidence-based care close to home

We are a world-wide provider of integrated cancer care with treatments offered including radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, haematology, and theranostics. In Australia we have more than 40 centres in metro and regional Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia.

Modern treatment techniques

We pride ourselves on offering the best possible care experience including rigorous clinical governance, evidence-based treatments and mandatory peer reviews.

Cuidado personal

Patient first approach

One of the best ways to enhance quality of care is to partner with the people who have experienced cancer and treatment. We co-design our service with them as trusted advisors to deliver a care experience that is co-designed with patients, for patients.

We believe that patients can be our teachers and trusted advisors, and we benefit from their unique perspective. Making patients partners is an intrinsic part of our culture, giving patient’s a voice and empowerment.


*Image above includes members of our Consumer Advisory Committee; a group of people with first-hand cancer experience, who help us to offer better patient services.

Meet our doctors

GenesisCare attracts and retains some of the most experienced doctors in the country. We have an unwavering focus on providing the highest quality patient care.

Prof. Thomas Eade


Radiation Oncologist

Mater Hospital, Sydney (Oncology) +2


Dr David Schlect


Radiation oncologist and Regional Medical Director, Brisbane

Chermside (Oncology) +1


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