Leading radiotherapy jobs

Radiotherapists at GenesisCare are changing the way people experience cancer treatment and care. As key members of our multidisciplinary teams, they’re committed to making a difference. 

As well as their clinical skills and expertise, their advice and guidance help each patient feel at ease, reassured and confident while in our care. They’re at the forefront of delivering a personalised treatment plan for each patient, supported by a team of oncologists, dosimetrists, physicists, and more.

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Access to the latest techniques and technology

All our radiotherapists have the opportunity to work on clinical projects and access UK radiotherapy trials. Our modern and welcoming centres, provide treatment using the most advanced, evidence-based radiotherapy technology and techniques, including:

  1. The first two MRIdian MR-linacs in the UK
  2. Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS)
  3. AlignRT surface-guided radiotherapy (SGRT)
  4. Simple and complex stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR)
  5. Innovative techniques such as deep inspiration breath hold (DIBH) for left and right-sided breast cancer


At GenesisCare we’re leading the way in technology and innovation, but we’re also committed to our employees. As well as comprehensive and competitive benefits, we also encourage and support professional development and learning. Career development opportunities are available to all our team, including roles like:

  • Senior radiographers
  • Regional senior radiographers
  • Lead radiographers
  • Principal radiographers

GenesisCare encourage excellent clinical practice, fostering an environment where anyone feels they can contribute ideas and challenge the status quo. I’ve been supported and encouraged to progress to Lead Radiographer and Principal Radiographer.

Kyle Woods, Principal Stereotactic Radiographer

Our benefits

Investing in our employees to support professional development and growth is what we’re passionate about. We are dedicated to encouraging all our employees to achieve their goals, while providing support for both their careers at GenesisCare and their personal lives. That's why choosing to join us is a rewarding career decision.

Employee stories

Employee stories

Radiotherapy in cancer care

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