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Action Bladder Cancer UK

The vision of Action Bladder Cancer UK is to help increase public awareness and improve treatments and medical research for bladder cancer. The charity provides bladder cancer patients materials and leaflets about the condition, as well as helps them find local support groups.

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Bladder & Bowel Community

Through the Bladder & Bowel Community, you can access information regarding a particular condition, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, products and services, or join their online support network to chat with others who have shared similar experiences to you.

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Blood cancer UK

Blood cancer UK is a community dedicated to beating blood cancer through funding world-class research and ensuring everyone affected has access to proper support. Whether it's on the phone or online, they offer health information people can trust in a language they can understand.

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Bone Cancer Research Trust

Bone Cancer Research Trust is a leading charity dedicated to fighting primary bone cancer, through research, information, awareness, and support. For those affected by primary bone cancer, BCRT has online information and a supportive network, which means nobody should have to feel alone.

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Bowel Cancer UK

Bowel Cancer UK is a charity that acts to improve the quality of life of those affected by bowel cancer. The Bowel Cancer UK website has lots of high-quality information about bowel cancer and a range of helpful booklets. You can also receive support through their online forum.

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Breast Cancer Haven

Breast Cancer Haven is an organisation that seeks to provide personalised programmes of support to those affected by breast cancer. They do this through tailored one-to-one therapy and counselling, advice on healthy eating and exercise, and patient support groups.

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Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Now is a UK charity dedicated to providing life-changing care and support to anyone diagnosed with breast cancer, so they have the support they need to deal with the disease's physical and emotional impacts.

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British Association of Dermatologists

The British Association of Dermatologist (BAD) patient hub provides helpful, impartial information and advice to anybody living with skin conditions, including cancer. There is information about skin diseases and treatments, past patient experiences, and advice about getting involved with research.

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British Liver Trust

The British Liver Trust is the largest UK liver charity for adults. Liver cancer patients can access up-to-date information on their condition, support including a free nurse-led helpline and online community, and general advice about improving liver health.

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British Lung Foundation

The British Lung Foundation has been researching lung conditions for 30 years. They host support groups, have an online community and helpline, and provide information for anyone affected by a lung disease. There are also links to additional national services from the website homepage.

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British Skin Foundation

The British Skin Foundation is a UK charity that funds research into all types of skin diseases, including skin cancer, while increasing awareness and reducing the stigma of skin diseases in the wider community.

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British Thyroid Foundation

The British Thyroid Foundation is a membership organisation dedicated to supporting patients with thyroid disorders, including cancer. You can access support through their network of telephone contacts, local groups and Facebook groups.

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Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust

Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust is the first national supporter of patients with thyroid cancer. As a group, they can offer a dedicated helpline, email and telephone contacts with group members to share experiences, and a buddy system to help you through the stages of treatment.

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Cancer Hair Care

Cancer Hair Care is a unique charity service which offers free, expert advice and support on hair loss, hair loss prevention, and hair care throughout cancer treatment. The charity's holistic approach looks to support patients with practical, emotional and physical aspects of hair loss and cancer.

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Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is a research and awareness charity that aims to reduce the number of deaths from cancer. CRUK also provides a wealth of cancer information to the public from their website, including cancer-specific symptoms, risk factors, treatments, living with the disease and clinical trials.

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Cancer Support UK

Cancer Support UK provides practical and emotional support to people with cancer, both during and after their treatment. Through Cancer Support UK, you can receive a free-of-charge Cancer Kit – a range of practical items patients find useful throughout treatment – which has been designed by people who’ve had cancer themselves.

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CoppaFeel! is a UK charity that aims to instil young women with knowledge and the tools to get to know their bodies better, to ensure all breast cancers are detected early and correctly.

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Fight Bladder Cancer

Fight Bladder Cancer's objectives are to support people, raise awareness, campaign for research, and bring change to bladder cancer. This charity has a lot of helpful information on bladder cancer and patient stories, and general advice about financial support and what to ask your doctor.

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Guts UK

Guts UK is a charity dedicated to raising awareness, funding research, and providing patients with expert information on various digestive system disorders, including cancer.

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Head & Neck Cancer Foundation

The Head & Neck Cancer Foundation is a charity devoted to driving awareness about innovative head and neck cancer treatment. Online resources include FAQs, a Facebook community group, patient-friendly recipes and information on self-diagnosis and mouth checks.

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Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust is a charity dedicated to supporting women affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities. They offer online and face-to-face support for anybody who has questions about HPV, screening, and cervical cancer.

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Kidney Cancer Support Network

The Kidney Cancer Support Network (KCSN) is a patient-led network of kidney cancer patients and carers, who share experiences to improve knowledge and awareness of kidney cancer. You can access one-to-one support, an online forum and additional resources about kidney cancer.

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Kidney Cancer UK

Kidney Cancer UK is a committed charity that assists patients, families and carers affected by kidney cancer. Services and support include a telephone careline, free counselling service, a closed Facebook group, patient support grants, educational days and local support groups.

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Leukaemia UK

Leukaemia UK provide physical, psychological and emotional support to all those affected by leukaemia and other blood cancers. Through their Mind & Body team, you can access support workers at every stage of treatment. Leukaemia UK also offer one-off grants through the Helping Hand Fund.

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Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better is a cancer support charity that boosts cancer patients' emotional and physical wellbeing through online and face-to-face workshops and resources. Group sessions cover topics and techniques that help manage cancer treatment's side effects, including skincare, nail care and hair loss.

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Lymphoma Action

Lymphoma Action's mission is to make sure nobody faces lymphoma alone. In addition to advice and reassurance tailored to your individual experience, you can access trusted information, which medical experts endorse, to help and empower you to understand your condition's complexities.

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Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support is one of the largest charities in the UK dedicated to supporting those with cancer. They offer a wide range of services, resources and online information, covering every aspect of cancer care, from diagnosis to treatment and recovery, end of life care, and losing a loved one.

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Maggie’s run workshops, courses and support groups, covering topics such as managing side effects, money worries and nutrition, to help you and your loved ones deal with a cancer diagnosis. You don’t need a referral or appointment to visit one of their centres, and all services are free.

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Marie Curie

Marie Curie support people through terminal illness and bereavement. As one of the UK’s leading end-of-life charities, they provide frontline nursing and hospice care, a free support line and a wealth of information on a range of conditions, to help you and your family achieve the best quality of life.

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Melanoma UK

Melanoma UK is a support and advocacy group for patients and carers affected by melanoma, and has a lot of general information about the condition on their website. Melanoma UK has created a free 'My Melanoma' App, to help you manage your condition whilst helping research improve care.

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Mouth Cancer Foundation

The Mouth Cancer Foundation is a charity dedicated to raising awareness and support for those suffering from, or at risk of mouth, throat, and other head and neck cancers and providing assistance and information on living with condition for patients, families, friends and carers.

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Myeloma UK

Myeloma UK looks to help those affected by myeloma through research, advocacy, education and understanding.

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Neuroendocrine Cancer UK

Neuroendocrine Cancer UK (NCUK) address the unmet needs voiced by the neuroendocrine cancer community. NCUK support patients with the physical and psychological burden of the condition through a specialist nurse-led helpline, counselling, local 'Natter' support groups and patient education events.

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NHS England

The NHS England website is the UK's biggest health website and aims to improve health and care outcomes by providing the public with information about health. There's a lot of information about cancer and you can also find links to additional specialist advice, charity websites and online communities.

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Oracle Cancer Trust

Oracle Cancer Trust is a UK charity dedicated to funding research into head and neck cancer. You can read general information about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatments of head and neck cancers, and become an Oracle Voice to share your experiences in their regular Speak Out newsletter.

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Orchid promotes awareness and provides support for those affected by penile, testicular and prostate cancer. Through their national Male Cancer Helpline and independently reviewed publications, Orchid support patients and their families to understand and deal with issues around the diagnosis and treatment.

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Ovacome is a national ovarian cancer charity that provides support to anyone affected by ovarian cancer, through sharing information and promoting knowledge. Services include a telephone support line, a 24-hour online forum, face-to-face support groups, an instant chat service, and regular newsletters.

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Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

The charity Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund is dedicated to improving the detection, diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer by funding and promoting innovative, world-class research into the disease.

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Pancreatic Cancer UK

Pancreatic Cancer UK (PCUK) help pancreatic cancer patients make sense of their diagnosis and support them through their journey. Specialist nurses are available through a support line and zoom sessions, and can advise with tailored information on treatments, managing symptoms or coping with emotions.

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Patient.info is an online health information directory with accurate and up-to-date clinical information created by trained medical professionals. Additional features include a symptom checker, healthy living articles, support forums, videos and quizzes, condition and medication leaflets, and recipes.

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Pink Ribbon Foundation

The Pink Ribbon Foundation offers financial support and funding to UK based charities with a focus on breast cancer, no matter the size of the charity. From charities that help those going through or have been affected by breast cancer, to those who help advance the early treatment, detection and understanding of breast cancer.

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Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer UK provides information and support to those affected by prostate cancer. As well as general information about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, you can access specialist nurses, dietary and exercise advice, one-to-one support, and local and online groups.

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Radiotherapy UK

Radiotherapy UK works to improve radiotherapy treatment throughout the UK, ensuring that no matter who someone is or where they live, they’re able to access the best radiotherapy treatments available.

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Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is a UK charity dedicated to helping everyone affected by lung cancer. Support is offered to anyone who has been affected by the disease and includes dedicated forums, a free Ask the Nurse helpline, patient grants service and financial support, and bereavement service.

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Sarcoma UK

Sarcoma UK funds research and offers support to anyone affected by sarcoma cancer. They do this by raising awareness of sarcomas, providing information and support to anyone affected by the cancer, campaigning for better treatments, and improving care standards.

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Target Ovarian Cancer

Target Ovarian Cancer work with women and family member to improve early diagnosis, fund life-saving research and provide much-needed support to everyone affected by ovarian cancer. You can access support through their helpline, local and online community events, and professional services.

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Teenage Cancer Trust

Teenage Cancer Trust aims to improve the cancer experience of young people aged 13 to 24. As well as general information about cancer diagnosis, symptoms and causes, there's also advice and resources pateints and their families deal with mental health, nutrition, exercise, staying creative and keeping busy.

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The Brain Tumour Charity

The Brain Tumour Charity have tailored support services for families and young people, and help connect their community through online, telephone and local support groups. Through the charity, you can also receive additional support through a benefits and money clinic and the relationship support service.

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The Eve Appeal

The Eve Appeal is a leading UK charity that funds research into womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal cancers. As well developing effective risk prediction, detection and screening methods, The Eve Appeal also has online information and support for those affected by gynaecological cancers.

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The Loss Foundation UK

The Loss Foundation is a UK national charity dedicated solely to providing bereavement support following the loss of a loved one to cancer, whether that be spouses, family members, friends or colleagues. In response to the global pandemic we are also currently supporting Covid-19 bereavement.

They provide a variety of support events to help people at any point during their loss, and create the opportunity for them to meet others who have experienced something similar. We also educate and empower others to support those who are grieving via our workshops and training

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Throat Cancer Foundation

The Throat Cancer Foundation is dedicated to reducing the impact of throat cancers on individuals affected by the condition, including patients, families and friends. They are guided by leading cancer experts and help inform patients about their illness, treatments and what to expect with recovery.

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ThymicUK aims to provide support, facilitate research, and improve the treatments available for patients with thymic gland cancers in the UK. Through an active Facebook group, patient forums and virtual face-to-face meetings, you can share your experiences and information with similar people to you.