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Welcome to personalised breast cancer care, where you’ll receive the latest world-class treatments when you need them from a team of experts who focus on you to achieve the best outcome possible.

GenesisCare is the UK’s leading private cancer care provider. Each year we treat thousands of patients at our specialist centres that are equipped with cutting edge technology to diagnose and treat breast cancer. We’re renowned for providing excellent care and are proud to be rated in the top 1% of healthcare providers worldwide for patient satisfaction.

We understand what it takes to get the best possible outcome following a breast cancer diagnosis – and we go further to provide it.

We diagnose and treat every breast cancer

There are many different types of cancer, and many different types of breast cancer treatment. We’re here to ensure you get the personalised treatment required to give you the best possible outcome. From first symptoms through to advanced (secondary) breast cancer we offer a complete treatment plan which includes many of the newest breast cancer treatments as standard.

Breast cancer treatment depends on the type of breast cancer. Your consultant will discuss the appropriate treatment that will deliver the best outcome for you. Find out more about treatment at GenesisCare for Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), Invasive breast cancer and Secondary breast cancer

Our centres are equipped with the latest technologies. We work closely with regional and national cancer experts to introduce new ways to treat cancer from around the world that are proven to be safe and effective.

Treatments are available using private medical insurance or can be self-funded. Find out more about how private cancer treatment works.

Breast cancer is not one disease

Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon at GenesisCare, Prof PG Roy, explains the different types of breast cancer.

World-class treatment when you need it

We’re dedicated to providing rapid access to a professional, and caring service to every patient, making it easy to get the care they need with less waiting and worrying. We commit to:

  • Diagnosis in a little as 24 hours at our one stop breast clinics
  • Treatment usually within seven days of referral

There are now many ways to treat breast cancer that have been proven to be safe and effective. We’re at the forefront of many of these, such as modern diagnostics, a full range of anti-cancer drugs and chemotherapy, the latest radiotherapy techniques, and personalised genetic medicine. We offer treatments for every cancer stage, often with fewer side effects and shorter treatment times. The advances in radiotherapy include breast irradiation in five sessions and the use of specialist motion and breath-hold techniques to protect the heart and lungs during treatment, without the need for permanent tattoos or skin markings.  We work alongside specialist breast surgeons who are experts in the latest surgical and reconstructive techniques.

These advanced breast cancer treatments are not available everywhere, but are offered as standard at GenesisCare.

Breast cancer treatment options explained

Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon at GenesisCare, Prof PG Roy, explains the differences in breast cancer treatment options.

Every patient receives all round personalised care. The care I received has been superb.

Ruth, patient at GenesisCare

Ruth’s story

Ruth was treated for breast cancer at GenesisCare using the innovative radiotherapy technique called deep inspiration breath hold (DIBH) which protects healthy heart, lung and liver tissues and ensures the cancer is targeted precisely.

Personalised care

Personalised care

No two cancers are the same

We find the treatment that’s right for you using the latest diagnostic techniques, including genetic profiling of cancer. We aim to find the best option to treat your cancer at any stage, focusing on achieving the best possible outcome and reducing the negative impact of treatment.

Consultant-delivered breast cancer care

You can choose your breast cancer consultant, from the many leading experts who work at GenesisCare. They share our vision to provide the best possible outcome to every patient and will design a personal care plan based on your diagnosis, personal preferences and life commitments. Your consultant will oversee your treatment every step of the way. They’ll see you at appointments, monitor your progress and spend time with you to address concerns and answer questions. We have created some some common questions which you may find useful to ask your consultant. 

Our expert consultants

Find a consultant or call us and we can make an appointment with one of our leading breast surgeons and oncologists

We treat you, not just your cancer

We understand that cancer is a life-changing experience, and our goal is to help you meet the emotional and psychological as well as physical challenges in the most positive way possible.

As a patient, you will receive the very best personalised care and a treatment plan that embraces lifestyle-modifying approaches through our integrative cancer care programme. This includes exercise medicine to help improve strength and treatment tolerance which can reduce treatment side effects such as fatigue. Through our partnership with charity Penny Brohn UK, we provide talking and holistic therapies to help our patients to build emotional resilience and gain back control of their lives.

My breast cancer diagnosis came as a huge shock to me. The centre at GenesisCare was a very calm environment and I immediately gravitated to my Penny Brohn wellbeing consultant.

Sharon, GenesisCare patient

Treatment that works around you

From diagnostics to advanced treatments and wellbeing, everything is here to give you the best possible outcome. We’re proud that so many of our patients rate our care as excellent and we’re committed to ensuring that you receive the care you need, without delay.

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Fast diagnosis clinics


Consultant-led care


Personalised (genetic) medicine


Modern radiotherapy


Leading breast surgeons


Latest breast cancer drugs


Complementary integrative cancer care


Leading regional and national breast cancer experts


Flexible appointments around youYes

Free transport for radiotherapy



Treatments are available using private medical insurance or you can pay for yourself.

Find out more about how private cancer treatment works, or just call us and we’ll help you with the details.