We’re here for you

If you or a loved one is affected by cancer, we know it can feel overwhelming trying to work out what your options are and where to go to get the best treatments from specialists with the right expertise.

At GenesisCare, we’re the UK’s leading private cancer care provider, and each year we provide world-class cancer treatment to thousands of patients at our specialist centres. We’re renowned for the excellent care we provide and we’re proud to be rated in the top 1% of healthcare providers worldwide for patient satisfaction.

We understand what it takes to get the best possible outcome following a cancer diagnosis - and we go a little further to provide it

Cancer is all we do

We treat all adult cancers. From first symptoms through to specialist care and treatments, we have teams of expert oncologists, surgeons and cancer nurses who assess every patient and design a care plan that is carefully tailored to get the best possible outcome. Our centres are equipped with the latest technologies and we work closely with regional and national cancer experts to introduce new ways to treat cancer from around the world that are proven to be safe and effective.

Treatments are available using private medical insurance or can be self-funded. You’ll find more information here about how private cancer treatment works

Get in touch

If you’re concerned about cancer, or possible symptoms, book an appointment or speak to a member of our experienced and compassionate team about private cancer care and how we can help you. Call 0808 304 2332 or complete the enquiry form

Where will you find us?

Our centres are dedicated to cancer care

We have 14 centres located across England and these are outpatient cancer-specialist units, which means you can have all your treatments in a safe, clean and comfortable environment, with dedicated cancer doctors and nurses on hand. For some of our highly specialised cancer treatments, patients often choose to travel from further afield, and if needed we can support with travel arrangements so they can easily access these treatments.

 Find your nearest centre.

The latest treatments from around the world

There are now many ways to treat cancer that have been proven to be safe and effective. We’re at the forefront of many of these, such as modern diagnostics, anti-cancer drugs, the latest radiotherapy systems and personalised medicine. These up-to-date techniques can often have better results, but they’re not available everywhere whereas we offer them to all of our patients.

We’re also the first in the UK to introduce ground-breaking types of radiotherapy that are changing the way cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and pancreas are treated. These treatments are proven to be safe and effective at every cancer stage, often with fewer side effects and shorter treatment times. You can find out more about them here

The team are all warm, professional and instantly put me at ease, ensuring that the experience was a positive and painless one

- Patient, Oxford

Treatment without delay

We’re dedicated to providing a rapid, professional and caring service to every patient, making it easy for them get the care they need with less waiting and worrying. We commit to:

  • Diagnosis in a little as 24 hours
  • Treatment usually within seven days of referral

Throughout the coronavirus outbreak our priority is to continue providing the very best cancer care with meticulous measures in place to ensure our patients receive treatments safely, and without delay.

Getting a diagnosis

At our GenesisCare diagnostic centres, our expert teams can check out your symptoms, undertake any tests or scans you need and give you the answers you’re looking for, in as little as 24 hours. Our expert consultants use state-of-the-art imaging scans to identify cancers and genomic testing to determine the most effective ways to treat them. We also have dedicated clinics for breast, urology (prostate) as well as less common cancers such as blood (haematology) or head and neck cancers, such as mouth or throat.

Find out more about our diagnostics here.

We treat you, not just your cancer

As a patient, you can expect to receive the very best personalised care and a treatment plan that also embraces life-changing approaches such as wellbeing therapies and exercise medicine. We have dedicated and highly experienced teams and we’re proud to help each and every patient through their treatment – and that so many of them take away a positive experience of their care with us.

Doug’s story

Patient Doug, had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and chose to come to GenesisCare to have a new type of radiotherapy treatment, MRIdian, that wasn’t available anywhere else.

Angela’s story

After surgery for breast cancer on the NHS, Angela decided to have radiotherapy at GenesisCare so she could continue her treatment without delay.

Why choose us

Modern radiotherapy at all centresYes
Waiting time for treatment7 days
Consultant-led careYes
Wide access to latest anti-cancer drugsYes
Complementary wellbeing and exercise medicineYes
Genomic and genetic cancer therapiesYes
Leading regional and national cancer expertsYes
Free transport for radiotherapyYes

Online & data security

At GenesisCare we take online and data security extremely seriously.  That’s why we’re delighted to have been awarded the Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate of Assurance, a widely recognised, government-accredited scheme that helps businesses protect themselves against cyber security attacks.