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⁶⁸Gallium PSMA PET/CT.

The diagnostic gold standard for prostate cancer and an essential part of our Theranostics pathway. ⁶⁸Gallium PSMA PET/CT scans help to detect metastases, stage cancers and, in the case of Theranostics, prepare for PRRT such as 177Lutetium PSMA therapy.

Transperineal Vector prostate biopsy

A novel and innovative technique for prostate cancer assessment. We are the first healthcare provider in the UK to offer this procedure which is available at our centre in Cambridge and Windsor at our UrologyHub clinics.

Prostate radiotherapy overview

Our dedicated prostate service is a comprehensive multidisciplinary and multimodality pathway that draws on best practice from across the world.

5# SABR for prostate cancer

Extreme hypofractionation – 5 fraction (5#) SABR for patients with low- to intermediate-risk (medium-risk) and selected high-risk localised prostate cancer.

Rectal spacers

Rectal spacers create space between the prostate gland and rectum, enabling a more accurately targeted radiation dose to the prostate while avoiding unnecessary radiation to healthy organs and tissue.

MRIdian MR-guided radiotherapy

Real-time on-table adaptive radiotherapy brings a new level of confidence to SABR delivery.

Prostate reirradiation

An alternative to long-term androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) for locally recurrent prostate cancer that provides a safer radiotherapy treatment option that’s more accurate and with fewer side effects.

177Lutetium PSMA therapy

177Lutetium PSMA therapy is an innovative approach to the treatment of mCRPC, using peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT) to seek out and destroy cancer cells. Our team have so far treated more patients with this modality than any other UK healthcare provider.

Radium-223 therapy

Radium-223 therapy is a targeted alpha therapy proven to reduce pain and improve QoL in patients with mCRPC with painful bone metastases. We offer this targeted treatment at our specialist outpatient oncology centres in Windsor and Oxford as part of our Theranostics service.

Clinical governance

The role of the Urology Reference Group is to provide the necessary clinical oversight for a safe and effective uro-oncology service across the GenesisCare network from rapid access diagnostic clinics, through to advanced radiotherapy treatments and Theranostics.

Urology SABR Advisory Team

The Urology SABR Advisory Team is comprised of leading oncologists specialising in urology and is responsible for reviewing all referrals to the GenesisCare SABR service for urological cancers, including kidney and prostate. Learn more about the doctors that comprise this team.