Jobs for physiotherapists and personal trainers

Physiotherapists and personal trainers at GenesisCare encourage and support people with cancer at a time when they need it most. They focus on improving patient outcomes by integrating evidence-based exercise medicine programmes, that are personalised for every patients need for their body and recovery.

Our highly skilled experts shape and implement best practices through sharing their experience, encouraging and forming exercise prescriptions that fit each patients need. 

Physiotherapist and personal trainer careers

Improving outcomes for cancer patients

Delivering our exercise medicine programme involves stepping out of a traditional physiotherapy and physical therapy role. Working closely with cancer patients, the team implement best practices using an evidence-based approach that is proven to improve patient outcomes.

We also work closely with universities to collaborate with undergraduate physiotherapy students, supporting their research, and further promoting the positive outcomes exercise medicine provides to oncology patients.

Exercise medicine is delivered within our onsite gyms in our centres, including the latest Technogym equipment. Our patients also have access to remote exercising through the GenesisCare Exercise Medicine app, which our physiotherapists and personal trainers contributed towards developing. 

More and more patients are realising how much exercise can help them before, during and after treatment. We’re part of changing that mindset, and watching the positive impact exercise has for my patients is so rewarding.

Debbie Beling, Personal Trainer

Our benefits

Investing in our employees to support professional development and growth is what we’re passionate about. We are dedicated to encouraging all our employees to achieve their goals, while providing support for both their careers at GenesisCare and their personal lives. That's why choosing to join us is a rewarding career decision.

Employee stories

Employee stories

Physiotherapy in cancer care

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