At GenesisCare our doctors and expert teams are leading specialists in using advanced radiotherapy for different cancers and our treatment centres are equipped with the latest radiotherapy technologies.

Recent breakthroughs have led to radiotherapy treatments that can significantly improve cancer outcomes by controlling tumours and reducing the need for surgery. At the same time, these techniques can limit side effects and shorten treatment times from weeks to just a few days for some tumour types.

What is radiotherapy?

Radiotherapy, also called radiation therapy, kills cancer cells. It’s used to cure cancer (called curative or radical radiotherapy) or it can be used palliatively to limit cancer growth and relieve pain and discomfort from cancer that has spread and can’t be cured. Radiotherapy can also be used to make other treatments more effective, such as before surgery or with chemotherapy, or reduce the risk of cancer coming back after surgery.

In addition, radiotherapy can also be used to treat cancers that have returned following previous treatments. This is known as SABR reirradiation or repeat radiotherapy.

At GenesisCare, we’re redefining cancer care by investing early in the most advanced, evidence-based radiotherapy treatments and techniques that can change lives.


Side effects

  1. Tiredness
  2. Skin changes and inflamation
  3. Swelling and build up of fluids
  4. Hair loss
  5. Stress, anxiety and other coping issues are also common

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