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GenesisCare's dosimetry and physics experts ensure the highest level of quality and safety in managing and supervising patient radiotherapy planning. Their clinical proficiency and knowledge provide guidance to radiographers during the patient treatment process and assist oncologists in all aspects of patient planning, whether on-site or remotely.

They are at the forefront of providing tailored treatment plans for each patient. Within GenesisCare, our teams consist of skilled professionals, including:

  • Senior Dosimetrists across conventional and MR-L radiotherapy (therapeutic radiographers specialising in dosimetry and clinical technologists)
  • Radiotherapy Physicists
  • Nuclear Medicine Physicists

Dosimetry and physics specialists at GenesisCare manage and oversee patient treatment planning to the highest standard of quality and safety. 

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Access to the latest techniques and technology

Our dosimetry and physics teams actively contribute to the ongoing improvement and continuous development of patient treatments, while also having the opportunity to engage in clinical projects. At our modern and welcoming cancer care centres, we provide treatment utilising the most advanced, evidence-based technology and techniques. These include:

  • The only UK healthcare provider with MRIdian MR-linacs in their network, which combine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and linear accelerator (linac) technologies
  • Treatment of all body sites for radiotherapy, and complex planning requirements such as Head & Neck and radiologically involved boosts
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), a precise and non-invasive radiotherapy for intracranial lesions
  • Simple and complex stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SABR), a high-dose radiotherapy for tumours including treatment for oligometastases
  • AlignRT surface-guided radiotherapy (SGRT), a technique that uses real-time monitoring to ensure accurate delivery
  • Innovative techniques like deep inspiration breath hold (DIBH), used for left and right-sided breast cancer and other thoracic targets, to minimise radiation exposure to healthy tissues
  • Complex image fusions & re-irradiation calculations using MIM Maestro image software
  • Service Developments such as Rapid Access Palliative (VMAT) and Bladder Plan of the Day
  • Nuclear medicine

With these cutting-edge technologies and techniques, we strive to provide the best possible personalised care and outcomes for our patients.

Being a dosimetrist at GenesisCare is incredibly rewarding; I’ve developed my knowledge and been given the tools and technology to individualise radiotherapy plans such as highly conformal VMAT palliative treatments, whilst using diagnostic imaging to support oncologists in targeting the treatment. I’m able to “make a difference” to patients with cancer lives whilst advancing as a professional and fulfilling my aspirations every day.

Sue Jansen van Rensburg, Senior Dosimetrist

Our benefits

Investing in our employees to support their professional development and growth is what we’re passionate about. We are dedicated to encouraging all our employees to achieve their goals, while providing support for their careers at GenesisCare and their personal lives. That's why choosing to join us is a rewarding career decision.

Employee stories

Employee stories

Dosimetrists and physicists in cancer care

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