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At GenesisCare, our medical oncology centres offer all available types of systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACTs) – including chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapies. We invest in the latest equipment and have expert teams so we can offer many of the most advanced treatments that have been shown to be effective in clinical studies safely and comfortably.

Very few private cancer care providers can offer such wide access to treatments under one roof, GenesisCare is uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of treatments, so you don’t have to travel elsewhere to get the care you need.

Our teams of expert nurses and pharmacists are highly trained in using these specialist medicines and helping you get the best possible outcome from your treatment. We tailor treatments to you, and your care team will carefully monitor and support you as you progress through your therapy.

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We’re recognised by all private medical providers, including Bupa, AXA PPP, Aviva and Vitality. We’re always happy to answer any questions and concerns you may have.

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State-of-the-art facilities

We use the latest technologies, including smart infusion pumps to safely manage and monitor all your treatments, so there's more time focused on you.

Macmillan accredited centres

Each of our medical oncology centres has been awarded the Macmillan Quality Environmental Mark recognising our dedication to providing high-quality cancer services.

Highly trained teams

We’re proud of our expert nurses, doctors, pharmacists and administrators that make up our skilled multidisciplinary team, and our supportive 24-hour emergency telephone line.



Chemotherapy is a type of anti-cancer drug treatment used to kill cancer cells. These drugs are toxic to cells (cytotoxic) and disrupt how the cancer cells divide and grow, aimed at stopping them from spreading throughout the body. At GenesisCare we also offer treatments that may not be commonly available at other private centres such as intravesical chemotherapy for bladder cancer.

Chemotherapy treatment

Find out more about chemotherapy, how it's given and frequently asked questions.

Experiencing side effects from chemotherapy is extremely common and you’re not alone. We have highly experienced chemotherapy nurses to help you through treatment as well as extra support such as exercise medicine and nutritionists. 

Chemotherapy side effects

Learn more about the common side effects of chemotherapy and how we can support you.

Targeted therapy

Targeted (biological) therapies are a specialised group of drugs that attack or block specific processes in cancer cells. There are several types of targeted therapy, but they all work by targeting genes or proteins responsible for cancer growth and cancer cell survival.

Types of targeted therapies include:

  • Monoclonal antibodies – these work by encouraging the immune system to attack cancer cells
  • Angiogenesis inhibitors – these stop cancers from growing blood vessels
  • Proteasome inhibitors – these change the proteins within cancer cells to kill them
  • Signal reduction inhibitors – these work by blocking the chemical signals that tell cancer cells to grow and divide

Targeted therapy treatment

Find out more about targeted therapy, how it's given and side effects.

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy focuses on the hormones that some cancers need to grow. The treatment works by either stopping or reducing how much your body makes of a particular hormone or blocks the hormone from acting on cancer cells. It’s also called endocrine therapy and is a common treatment for breast and prostate cancers.

Hormone therapy treatment

Find out more about hormone therapy, how it's given and side effects.


Immunotherapy is the collective name for a group of medicines that use your immune system to fight cancer cells. These drugs do not directly affect the tumour but instead help your body’s immune system recognise and fight tumours.

Immunotherapy treatment

Find out more about immunotherapy, how it's given and side effects.

Monoclonal antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies work by recognising and attaching to special proteins found on the outside of cancer cells. Once attached, they can either trigger your immune system to attack the cancer cells or block the processes the cells need to grow or survive. So they can also be classed as immunotherapy or targeted therapy, depending on how they work.

Our highly skilled doctors, nurses, pharmacists and administrators work together to ensure our patients have access to the very latest SACTs.

A caring, professional nursing team

At GenesisCare, you’ll be under the dedicated care of our nursing team who are experts in cancer treatments. They’ll get to know your needs, concerns and preferences, and tailor your care around you. Our patients often say how important this relationship has been to them during their care with us.

At your first appointment you’ll be given your nursing team’s dedicated 24 hour telephone number enabling you to call them directly should you need emergency support and/or advice during your treatment.

Our nursing teams have all had extensive training and experience at leading cancer centres so they have the most up-to-date knowledge of the many types of cancer treatment, including how to administer them and how to manage side effects. Each nurse has special training in connecting with and supporting people going through a life changing experience like cancer. They can share their years of experience and knowledge to help in every way they can, compassionately and sensitively.

Our lead chemotherapy nurses

More than treating your cancer

At GenesisCare, we understand that cancer is life-changing. Our commitment is to help you meet the emotional and psychological challenges in the most positive way possible.

That’s why we provide exercise medicine through our trained physiotherapists at selected centres. This is a proven approach that can improve treatment tolerance and reduce cancer-related fatigue.

We’ve also partnered with Penny Brohn UK to provide complementary and wellbeing therapies alongside your treatment, either in person, online or by phone. For example, we’ll carefully tailor a programme that can help you to deal with the side effects and reduce stress and anxiety. These additional services are complimentary and are part of our commitment to delivering the best possible outcome for our patients.

Integrative cancer care

GenesisCare is the only private healthcare provider to offer these treatments to our patients, as well as an expert medical team and a treatment plan tailored to you.

Hear from our patients

It feels like you're being wrapped in a safe blanket, where people have got your back

– Michelle

Your treatment at GenesisCare

Your consultant will carefully plan your treatment and work with our nursing and pharmacist teams to deliver your treatment seamlessly. We’ll support you throughout your treatment and beyond.

GenesisCare Staff and Patient

Ongoing support and follow-up

We’ll regularly monitor how you’re responding to your treatment. If you’re finding it hard and unsure if you should continue to have treatment, please speak to your nurse. They understand what you’re going through and will be able to give you advice about the benefits of continuing your treatment and help you decide what is the best next step for you. Thankfully, many side effects soon pass when treatment stops.

While monitoring your response to treatment, your GenesisCare team may make changes to your treatment plan. Changes are usually made to help improve the treatment or how you’re responding to your medicine and will be discussed with you first.

After you’ve finished your course of treatment, you’ll have regular appointments with your oncologist. Your nursing team will also call you six weeks after your treatment to see how you’re recovering. They’ll also go over the Macmillan Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA) with you again, to see if you might benefit from any further support.

Supporting you

Senior lady

Managing symptoms and side effects

People experience side effects differently. We'll help you through this time, such as by using ‘cooling caps’ that can prevent or limit hair loss in many cases. We also provided resources, such as advice on managing symptoms and side effects, on our patient support page.

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