Exploring cancer care

We are the UK’s leading private provider of advanced radiotherapy and cancer care. We offer fast access to the latest technology and treatments that has been proven to make a difference.

Cancer treatment

We treat all types of cancer and offer a complete care plan, which includes many of the latest evidence-based treatments as standard. Our highly experienced cancer experts work as teams to ensure that every patient can access world-class cancer care, within days of diagnosis.

Cancer diagnosis

We offer fast access to cancer diagnostics and tests, with many of our centres offering same-day appointments for scans. Our cancer specialists also run dedicated clinics for urology, prostate and haematology, as well as One Stop Breast Clinics.


Low-dose radiotherapy is an effective treatment solution for people with a range of benign (non-cancerous) diseases. Our simple, safe and pain-free method can be sufficient to treat symptoms and prevent the progression of your condition.