What is an imaging scan?

Imaging scans produce detailed images of your body using forms of energy, such as X-ray, soundwaves, magnetic fields and radioactive substances, sent through the body to create an internal picture. We use imaging scans to promptly detect and diagnose symptoms, assess your condition and evaluate how treatments are working so we can plan your care effectively.

Our expert nuclear medicine physicians, radiographers and radiologists use the latest-generation technology to perform and interpret the scans. As well as established methods of scanning, we also use innovative solutions to identify disease and plan your treatments, such 68Gallium PSMA PET-CT for prostate cancer and fMRI to examine the brain. 

You can read more about the scanning techniques available at GenesisCare below.

How much does an imaging scan cost?

The cost of an imaging scan varies depending on the type of scan and the area of your body that needs to be scanned. This is because:

  • Different scans require different processes and specialist equipment to complete
  • Imaging larger areas or multiple parts of your body require several scans to be taken by a highly trained radiographer. One of our expert doctors will then assess each scan carefully before providing you (and your GP, if they referred you) with your results

Private imaging scan costs at GenesisCare.

ScanFrom price
68Gallium PSMA PET-CT£2,500
68Gallium Dotatate PET-CT£2,500
18F FDG PET-CT half body£1,400
18F FDG PET-CT full body£1,600

We’re recognised by all major private medical insurers, and also offer a range of self-payment options. A GP referral is not always necessary – we can help guide you through the process.

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