Clinician leads and governance

Through regulation and governance, we deliver the latest evidence-based treatments in a safe and high-quality environment.


At GenesisCare, through regulation and governance, we deliver the latest evidence- based treatments in a safe and high-quality environment.

Our Clinical Governance Committee sets safe and effective treatment protocols, reviews pathways, manages risk and works with the CQC. All consultant practising privileges are reviewed and continuously validated by our Medical Advisory Committee. Cases outside standard protocol are referred to our Clinical Advisory Team to peer review and recommend the best treatment plan.

Our Clinical Leaders Forum consists of leading practitioners in all fields of oncology working with GenesisCare to spearhead best practice and innovations, and expand our referral network.

Our Clinical Reference Groups specialising in breast, prostate, SABR and haematology oversee the continuous process of clinical evaluation, using peer-group collaboration and data-driven insights to design and implement standardised treatment protocols across our centres.

SABR Reference Group

Delivering clinical excellence

We are committed to an environment of clinical excellence, objectivity and accountability. Our SABR service is spearheaded by the SABR Reference Group – an advisory team of leading NHS clinicians who have been recruited due to their clinical expertise, each with a high volume of SABR cases performed, in order to form the UK’s leading SABR consortium.  

The role of the SABR Reference Group is to provide the necessary clinical oversight for a safe and effective SABR service across the GenesisCare network. This includes improved access to SABR treatments, introducing new clinicians to the SABR network, overseeing training and competency frameworks and contributing to the evidence base. In addition, they drive the implementation of existing and emerging radiation technologies, in particular the MRIdian for MR-guided SABR, with responsibility for the treatment network as well as academic collaboration with the University of Oxford.  

Group members also comprise the SABR Advisory Team (SAT) who lead the multidisciplinary teams and assess all referrals through the eMDT.  

SABR Reference Group

Dr James Good | Clinical Director of Stereotactic Radiotherapy, GenesisCare UK 

Birmingham, Oxford 

Special interests: colorectal, HPB and head and neck cancers 


Dr Philip Camilleri | Clinical Director of Urological Cancers, GenesisCare UK 


Special interests: urological cancers 


Dr Luis Aznar-Garcia | Consultant Clinical Oncologist 

Nottingham, Oxford 

Special interests: brain metastases, HPB and breast cancers 


Dr Andy Gaya | Clinical Oncologist 

London, Oxford 

Special interests: upper and lower, GI and HPB cancers 


Dr Veni Ezhill | Clinical Oncologist 

Guildford, Oxford 

Special interests: thoracic cancers and lymphoma 


Dr Alex Martin | Clinical Oncologist 


Special interests: thoracic and urological cancers 

Urology Reference Group

Committed to clinical excellence

We are committed to an environment of clinical excellence, objectivity and accountability. Our prostate service is led by our Urology Reference Group – an advisory team of leading NHS clinicians who have been recruited due to their clinical expertise and experience in the techniques offered in the GenesisCare pathway. The role of the Urology Reference Group is to provide the necessary clinical oversight for a safe and effective uro-oncology service across the GenesisCare network from rapid access diagnostic clinics, through to advanced radiotherapy treatments and Theranostics.  

This includes improved access to treatment, introducing new clinicians to the network, overseeing training and competency frameworks and contributing to the evidence base. They also implement a quality framework and measurement for VMAT radiotherapy and spacers.  

In addition, they drive the implementation of existing and emerging radiation technologies, in particular the MRIdian for treatment of prostate cancer, as well as academic collaboration with the University of Oxford.  

Urology Reference Group

Dr Philip Camilleri | Clinical lead of Urology 

Elstree, Milton Keynes, Oxford 

Special interest: Urological cancers, prostate spacers, SBRT and MR guided radiotherapy 


Dr Carla Perna | Consultant Clinical Oncologist 


Special interest: Urological cancers, prostate brachytherapy, Theranostics and hypofractionation in radiotherapy 


Neil Haldar  | Consultant Urological Surgeon 

Milton Keynes, Windsor 

Special interest: nervesparing laparoscopic radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer and radical cystectomy 


Philip Charlesworth | Surgical Clinical Director 


Special interest: Prostate cancer, bladder cancer, robotic surgery, prostate MRI and targeted biopsies of the prostate, general infective and inflammatory conditions of the urinary tract and general urology 


Dr Prantik Das | Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Birmingham, Nottingham 

Special interest: Hypofractionated radiotherapy, High Dose Rate brachytherapy, Image Guided Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) 


Dr Ruth McPherson | Consultant Radiologist Oxford 

Special interest: 3T MRI and PET/CT 

Breast Reference Group

The Breast Clinical Reference Group has been formed to support delivery of the Breast Service of Future strategy that was launched in November 2018. The roles of the group include introduction of new protocols and clinical trials, development of the eMDT platform and our genetic pathways, definition and collection of PROMs for all breast cancer patients, launching and promoting One Stop Breast Clinics. 

Breast Reference Group

Dr Eliot Sims | Oncology Clinical Director 

Consultant Clinical Oncologist with private practice at GenesisCare Chelmsford and NHS base at Queen’s Hospital Romford and King George Hospital Ilford. Eliot is passionate about evidence-based cancer care and is currently leading on the implementation of the Breast Service of the Future eMDT strategy. 


Mr Simon Smith | Group Surgical Clinical Director 

Consultant Breast Surgeon with private clinics in Chelmsford and London. NHS base at Broomfield Hospital Mid-Essex NHS Hospitals Trust. Simon is keen to further develop the One Stop Breast Clinic model at GenesisCare, which is currently operational at our Milton Keynes and Maidstone centres. 


Dr Russell Burcombe | Specialist Advisor 

Consultant Clinical Oncologist with private practice at GenesisCare Maidstone. His NHS practice is at the Kent Oncology Centre, Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. Russell has a particular interest in providing patient-friendly information, recently in an electronic App format, and is working with GenesisCare to deliver a patient portal. He is key in developing PROMs for breast cancer patients at GenesisCare. 


Professor Stephen Chan | Specialist Advisor 

Consultant Clinical Oncologist with private practice at GenesisCare Nottingham. Professor Chan has been employed by Nottingham City Hospital since 1989 where he is also Director of Clinical Trials in Breast and Gynaecological Cancers. He is senior author for over 100 international research papers on new cancer drug development. Stephen has a special interest in preoperative breast radiotherapy and he is very keen to explore this approach in a clinical trial setting at GenesisCare. 


Dr Fleur Kilburn Toppin | Specialist Advisor, Radiology 

Consultant Radiologist at Cambridge University Hospital Breast Unit with private practising privileges at GenesisCare Cambridge. Fleur is working with Simon to develop the One Stop Breast Clinics at GenesisCare and is also interested in breast screening and personalised imaging surveillance for patients. 


Dr Sileida Oliveros | Specialist Advisor 

Sileida is passionate about technical aspects of breast radiotherapy, evidence-based practice and advance radiotherapy techniques, including implementation of Partial Breast Irradiation at GenesisCare. She is also interested in establishing robust genetic and genomic pathways.