Our Theranostics research network

GenesisCare has a long history of partnering with radiopharmaceutical companies and academic institutions to advance the development of theranostics across the globe.

Through our integrated site research network, Contract Research Organisation and Imaging Research Organisation (IRO), we provide our clients with access to full service clinical research services, tailored central imaging and nuclear medicine dosimetry services.

Our global network of nuclear medicine physicians, physicists and technologists, allows us to provide well-designed research that can adapt to changing technical, regulatory and sponsor needs.

One of the key benefits of our network is that we can provide customers with a fully integrated solution, comprising of our CRO, SRO and IRO. However as a Contract Research Organisation, we are site and company agnostic, and also work routinely with other site research organisations, academic institutions, and hospital networks.

Global presence, global impact

GenesisCare has a rapidly expanding global network of treatment centres with nuclear medicine capabilities and a proven ability to accelerate the development of novel radiopharmaceuticals.

We are the largest private provider of oncologic radiopharmaceutical therapies in Australia and have been providing theranostics treatments to patients since 2017.

Our extensive clinical research experience in theranostics translates into a deep, unmatched knowledge of radiopharmaceutical logistics and theranostic delivery. Our global network provides our customers with access to a significant global patient population, clinical trial sites, as well as a broad bench of experienced nuclear medicine physicians and key opinion leaders.

The GenesisCare Research & Insights Theranostics difference:

Access to a global network of nuclear medicine physicians and global Key Opinion Leaders

Network of more than 25 treatment centres with theranostics capabilities, including nuclear imaging (e.g. PET-CT, SPECT-CT), uptake rooms, radiolabelling, radio-pharmacy capability

Deep and broad knowledge base in the clinical delivery and ongoing patient management of radiopharmaceuticals

Extensive experience in executing nuclear medicine clinical trials with an integrated SRO and CRO, spanning from Phase I First in Human to Phase III across a multitude of sites and countries

Early patient access to novel diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals through compassionate access schemes

Our services:

GenesisCare provides sponsors with access to full-service Theranostics research solutions, including:

  1. Strategic radiopharmaceutical development consultation
  2. Bespoke clinical study solutions
  3. Regulatory pathway development
  4. Supply chain mapping
  5. Workflow improvement
  6. End-to-end imaging and dosimetry solutions
  7. Clinical protocol development and medical writing
  8. Nuclear medicine physician consulting

Meet the team

Dr Aviral Singh

MD PGDipCard MSc FAfNM FRACP - Clinical Head of Theranostics and Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine Physician

Murdoch (Oncology)

A/Prof. Joe Cardaci


Nuclear Medicine Physician

Murdoch (Oncology)

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