Treating benign conditions with radiation therapy

Certain benign conditions may be treated with radiation therapy, with the aim to help reduce pain, discomfort, and to resolve the affects caused.

The benign conditions that may be treated with radiation therapy include certain inflammatory conditions of the hand or feet. The conditions may include dupuytren’s diseaseledderhose diseasekeloid scars, and plantar fasciitis. To better understand whether radiation therapy may be a treatment option for a benign condition, it is important to note that a referral is required from a GP or specialist for an assessment.

Following the completion of radiation therapy treatment, please speak to your doctor directly regarding any concerns or side-effects that you may experience.

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Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information on this webpage at the date of its publication, however, the information does not take the place of professional or medical advice. Please consult your doctor or treating clinician to determine whether any form of medical treatment or health service is appropriate for you.

Any procedure including treatments involving radiation carry risks, including skin irritation and associated pain. Before proceeding with a referral for treatment, patients should be advised to seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. As in any medical procedure, patient experiences and outcomes will vary.