About our program

GenesisCare recognise that one of the best ways of helping enhance quality-of-care is the importance of listening, by partnering with people who have experienced cancer first-hand. Using this experience, our consumers offer advice and make an active contribution as key partners in the planning, delivery and reform of our services, by working with us as part of the Voice of Customer Program.

How we partner with consumers to improve the patient experience




Identify patient pain-points and values through 'Voice of Customer' programs




Together with consumers, we co-design, evaluate and review our service




Drive the patient agenda and advocate on behalf of their needs

Meet our Consumer Advisory Committee

Carol Coady

Denise Mc Gowan

John Dowling

Barbara Rohde

Kerryn Coles

Mary-Ann Holt

Maria Moran

Jodie Lydeker

Robyn Hughes

John Hefford


Meet our Consumer Representative Panel

Wayne Lieberman

Clare Vink

Lee McKerracher

Alan Pearce

Luke Batchelor

Jenny Oh

Chris Neenan

Leonie Moore

Kate Thomas

Joanna Kolk

Vicky Scott



Co-design brings patients, carers, and staff together to improve health services. Giving people an equal voice as active partners in healthcare improvement leads to better outcomes for all.

The co-design approach, step-by-step:

  • Engage: consumers as stakeholders in the project
  • Gather: consumer’s experiences with cancer and our service
  • Understand: consumer perspective can inform better design and delivery
  • Improve: with consumer feedback, how we design and deliver service
  • Measure: the effectiveness of feedback incorporated

Projects co-designed with consumers include:

  • Patient-facing information
  • How we present safety and quality data to the public
  • How we present our service to the public
  • The physical design of our centres
  • The soft skills of our team


Patients offer a unique perspective of our service, bringing with them their professional expertise and their personal experience of cancer. GenesisCare drives the patient agenda, actions and outcomes based on patient and carer feedback.

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