Open Disclosure Policy - Australia

At GenesisCare our Open Disclosure Policy is about ensuring the process of communicating with a patient and their support person/s about a patient-related incident or circumstance, happens in a confidential, empathetic, timely and open manner.

The policy provides a framework for all staff at GenesisCare to fulfil their duty-of-care to patients and their support people by providing structure to communicating when an incident has occurred and helping to manage expectations of all involved. We establish a clear plan for follow up care and ensure patients and their support people are engaged and regularly updated. At the resolution of each incident we disseminate any learnings across our practices to prevent the incident from occurring in the future. For the full details of our Open Disclosure Policy, please click here.

Credentialing Policy - Australia

At GenesisCare, we have a stringent credentialing process to ensure all our medical practitioners and clinicians have the required qualifications, experience and professional suitability to provide safe, high quality medical services. We review the credentials of our practitioners and clinicians on a regular basis to ensure they continue to be suitable. For the full details of our Credentialing Policy, please click here.