Your billing explained

An overview of billing for radiation therapy

  • GenesisCare aims to offer high-quality care with little to no wait times for daily treatment
  • Radiation treatment is typically an outpatient service, with a cost involved for your care
  • Private health funds do not cover outpatient services
  • Medicare covers roughly 80% of treatment costs (depending on your position within your Medicare Safety Nets)
  • Following your initial doctor consult, you will have a dedicated fee conversation with a team member who will be able to provide you with a quote for the cost of your care and will go through billing, invoicing and Medicare rebates in detail
  • Your exact out-of-pocket costs depend on a number of factors including your personal treatment plan, complexity and your position within your Medicare Safety Nets

Invoicing and how Medicare rebates work

You will be provided a quote for your total cost of care. Please note that payment will be broken into a number of separate invoices throughout the course of your treatment. Each of these invoices will be reimbursed within 48 hours of the invoice being submitted to Medicare.

Invoice itemYou payMedicare
  • For the initial doctor consultation
  • Simulation* invoice
  • Dosimetry* invoice
  • Thereafter you will receive 3 more bills, each at the beginning of the week for the previous week’s treatment
  • Follow-up doctor consult

As you pay each invoice in full, GenesisCare sends the invoices to Medicare on your behalf, so you don’t need to worry about having to follow up with Medicare yourself.

Medicare reimburses you directly into your bank account, normally within 48 hours of the invoice submission.

*A simulation involves a scan to measure your treatment site. Dosimetry (sometimes referred to as planning) is the behind-the-scenes work your doctor and radiation therapist do to design your personal treatment plan.

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