GenesisCare is committed to providing high quality care for all patients. The GenesisCare vision and values provide a framework for ongoing review and evaluation that enables us to strive for continuous improvement in how we deliver care to our patients. 

Our quality program is built on four priority areas that are centred around meeting patient needs and supporting our goal of high quality care, and aligned to the National Model for Clinical Governance.  Our four priority areas are:

  • Safe - Ensures our safety and quality systems are set up to actively manage and improve care for our patients.
  • Well Led - Provides the governance and leadership for safety and quality, and drives continuous quality improvement.
  • Caring and Responsive - Promotes a culture that engages patients, carers and our clinical teams in delivering high quality and safe care based on patient needs.
  • Effective - Monitors performance to ensure that care is delivered in a high quality, safe and efficient way by skilled and knowledgeable clinical teams.

To support progress against these quality priority areas, we collect data in accordance with GenesisCare’s Privacy Policy to measure how effective we are in delivering high quality care. We then use this data to work in partnership with our patients and staff to reflect an organisation wide commitment to:

  1. Continuous review and improvement of our patient safety and quality systems
  2. Educating our patient services and health care provider teams of the importance of monitoring and reporting the safety and quality of the services they provide
  3. Ensuring accountability for the safety and quality of care at all levels of our organisation

A key element is to meet and exceed the requirements of mandatory accreditation. The National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (the Standards) were developed by the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in consultation and collaboration with the Federal and State governments, technical experts and a wide range of stakeholders, including health professionals and patients.

The Standards provide a quality assurance mechanism to ensure an acceptable level of safety and quality is met. We also use the Standards to help us set goals for the future of GenesisCare.  

Know your rights as a patient

As a patient, you are at the centre of our approach to providing high-quality, safe and effective care. We aim to look after you and keep you safe during your treatment, engage you in decisions about your care, and ensure we are aligned in establishing agreed goals of care. This includes discussion of care plans with you, and seeking feedback from you and your carers, where appropriate, on where we can improve. You can find more information about how we work with patients on our Working with Patients page.

The following brochures are available for patients:

The charter has been translated into many different languages, and specifically adapted for people from diverse backgrounds.  These are located through the Resource for the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights link.

National GenesisCare safety and quality monitoring

We collect and report clinical information in order to monitor the safety and efficacy of the care we provide. The quality and safety data is measured as the number of incidents per 1000 occasions of service. An occasion of service refers to any treatment or other service provided to out-patients in a health service facility.

We are extremely proud to share our quarterly safety and quality results relating to six key safety areas in healthcare. A comparison of how well we are achieving our achieving our goals is provided against the national benchmark where this is available.

Keeping you safe