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GenesisCare is a cancer care provider with centres in metro and regional Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia. GenesisCare offer personalised treatment and care for most adult cancer types. To make an appointment at GenesisCare you will need a referral from your doctor (GP) or specialist.

The main ways to treat cancers

Personalised medicine

Our approach is based around patient support and welfare through each stage of the treatment journey.  As part of our treatment options, we also offerTheranostics which is a personalised approach that combines diagnostic imaging and radionuclide therapy to target desired areas.2

Why GenesisCare?

Why GenesisCare?

At GenesisCare we understand that a diagnosis may be confronting and emotional. With our dedicated staff, our aim is to make the treatment journey as gentle as possible. At GenesisCare, we prioritise communication, transparency and partnering with our patients to try and achieve the best outcome.


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