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In Australia, GenesisCare has more than 40 oncology centres in metro and regional Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia. We aim to deliver a personalised cancer care experience close to home.

GenesisCare has a rigorous clinical governance made up of multidisciplinary (MDT) meetings, Clinical Reference Groups, evidence-based care plans, mandatory peer reviews, and access to GenesisCare's network of clinical trials and research programs.

Our integrated cancer care (ICC) clinics offer a range of medical specialisms under one roof – so patients at these clinics can continue their treatment journey with access to healthcare professionals and treatments in one place.

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We continue to invest in developing new integrated cancer care centres around Australia. Our vision is to help provide integrated cancer services to enhance our care and to support bringing further facilities to rural and remote locations, helping reduce the need for patients to travel to metropolitan areas for care.

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