Precision radiotherapy

At GenesisCare, we provide specialist cancer care to thousands of people worldwide. We offer cutting-edge, innovative cancer treatments that are clinically proven to be safe and effective. 

The MRIdian is a radiotherapy machine called an MR linac. This smart technology combines high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques with extremely precise radiotherapy beams that can treat tumours more accurately than conventional radiotherapy. This can mean fewer treatment sessions, reduced side effects and a greater chance of an improved outcome for many cancers. 

We are the first to bring the MRIdian – the latest in precision radiotherapy – to the UK. We are now offering this ground-breaking treatment at GenesisCare for both primary lung cancer and secondary lung cancer (cancer that has spread to lungs from elsewhere in the body). 

Benefits of MRIdian treatment for lung cancer

The MRIdian delivers a type of radiotherapy called stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR), which is often used for treating early-stage lung cancer. However, unlike conventional SABR, MRIdian has the advantage that it can see and adjust for every movement during treatment – this is called MRI-guided radiotherapy.

Enquire now about the MRIdian

The MRIdian is available at our centres in Oxford and Cromwell Hospital in London. Your cancer specialist can refer you for a consultation. We’re recognised by all major insurers and we’ll help you with transport depending on treatment and locations, when required.

MRIdian for lung cancer treatment

The MRIdian provides a treatment option if you have primary or secondary lung cancer, and if surgery is not be possible due to your general health or the location of the tumour. Where your tumour is situated within the lung is important, because if it’s near other important tissues and organs such as your breathing tubes, oesophagus, heart or major blood vessels, it can make it difficult to safely remove it with surgery. The accuracy of MRIdian means the risk of damaging these organs is much lower than conventional radiotherapy, so higher radiation doses can be used to control the disease.

You may also be suitable for MRIdian radiotherapy if you have previously had surgery or radiotherapy to the lungs, have cancer that has spread from elsewhere in the body to the lungs, or require multiple lung tumours treated at the same time. As each treatment can take over an hour, you must also be comfortable lying flat for the duration of treatment.  

Your oncologist (a consultant doctor who specialises in cancer) will decide if this treatment is right for you by discussing your lung cancer diagnosis, treatments to date and overall health with a team of oncologists who are highly trained in delivering MRIdian radiotherapy. By working together, they’ll create a personalised treatment plan that may include radiotherapy, surgery and/or drug treatments. If they recommend that MRIdian radiotherapy is the best option for you, your oncologist will explain the treatment in detail to you and provide you with written information about what to expect, as well as give you plenty of opportunity to ask questions. 

If you choose to have your cancer treatment at GenesisCare, you’ll also have access to integrated cancer care, such as psychological support and wellbeing therapies, at no extra cost to you or your insurer. These therapies have been shown to reduce the burden of cancer and improve your quality of life after cancer treatment, by helping to reduce symptoms and side effects of treatments and alleviate cancer-related concerns. 

This is our commitment to offer world-class care to every patient with cancer.


What are the side effects of lung radiotherapy with MRIdian?

The side effects experienced are often dependent on the location of the tumour(s) within your lungs.

What does MRIdian treatment involve?

Here is an outline of what to expect after your initial consultation and before, during and after your treatment. There are four stages to the process: your planning appointment, planning, treatment and follow-up. Before your first appointment, your care team will call you to explain any preparation instructions in advance of your appointments and to answer any questions.

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Our team of experts

To make sure you get the best treatment based on your needs, your consultant will work with a team of selected SABR consultants specialising in lung cancer to review and plan your personalised treatment. 

Dr John Conibear


Clinical Oncologist

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