Biopsies - cancer and tumour treatment

Where required, GenesisCare may work with your oncologist to carry out a biopsy before your surgery. A biopsy is when a small amount of tissue is removed to diagnose and stage – or grade – a tumour.


Surgical removal of the tumour

Surgical removal of the tumour is when all or part of a tumour is removed. Once the cancerous cells have been removed, you may not need any further treatment. You can have your surgery in any of our partner hospitals, at other private hospitals or in a public hospital facility. GenesisCare can provide any treatment that might be needed either side of your surgery, as part of our holistic treatment plan.

Will I need radiotherapy?

We work closely with your multidisciplinary team (MDT) of healthcare professionals to provide targeted radiotherapy when you need it. This means that your cancer can be treated as quickly and effectively as possible.

Your doctor may advise you to have radiotherapy:

    • • Before your operation, to reduce the size of the tumour that’s being removed
    • Afterwards, to reduce or remove any remaining cancerous cells – sometimes along with chemotherapy

Radiotherapy at GenesisCare

Our Radiography Team

An early diagnosis could lead to a better outcome and many would opt for supplementary screening at an earlier age to allay concerns and offer peace of mind.

Our Treatment Centers

GenesisCare leads the way in providing patient-focused care through a network of conveniently located, purpose-built cancer treatment Centers.


We are excited to be trialling SpaceOAR/Hydrogel technology and will be rolling it out across our Centers in 2018.