Dr Elizabeth Bernard
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Dr Elizabeth Bernard

Dr Elizabeth Bernard
MBBS Honours FRACP, FAANMS, Nuclear Medicine Physician

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SIRT therapy



North Shore
North Shore

North Shore Health Hub, Tower A, Level 1, 7 Westbourne Street, St Leonards NSW 2065, Australia

-33.82024297423824, 151.19062046149045

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Prostate cancer
Condition/Cancer/Prostate Cancer



Dr Bernard is a Senior Staff Specialist in the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH). She has appointments in both the public and private health systems as well as having a Clinical Senior Lecturer appointment in the Faculty of Medicine & Health at the University of Sydney. She has particular expertise in the management of patients for radionuclide therapy for thyroid cancer, neuroendocrine tumours and hepatic malignancies.

Dr Bernard has over 20 years of experience as a Staff Specialist at Royal North Shore Hospital. She also has a keen interest in medical education from the medical student to the advanced trainee level. For the past five years Dr Bernard has been the lead physician of the Neuroendocrine Tumour Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting (NET MDT) at RNSH where she has explored the complementarity of Somatostatin Receptor (SSTR) and metabolic (FDG) PET imaging. This MDT is now the largest for this tumour stream in the state, with the greatest number of patient referrals, and has produced a number of imaging-based publications. Dr Bernard is frequently invited to present her clinical expertise in imaging and radionuclide therapy at national and international meetings.

Caring for patients and science are my passions. Nuclear Medicine is at the interface between cutting edge medical science and patient care, and that is where I love to practice.

Dr Elizabeth Bernard consults at North Shore Private Hospital in Sydney.

Research interests

Research interests

  • Functional imaging to guide radionuclide therapy


  • Selective internal radiation therapy for primary and secondary hepatic malignancies
Professional memberships

Professional memberships



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