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Dr Connie Diakos

  • BSc (Hons) PhD MBBS FRACP
  • Medical Oncologist
  • Spoken languages English


Medical oncology research is a passion of mine and I can now apply the knowledge I gained from research to the care of patients with cancer.

Research interests

Connie is passionate about research, because she believes it has the power to significantly improve people’s lives and outcomes. She encourages her patients to consider joining clinical trials where appropriate. Connie’s own research has been published extensively, and she actively applies her research insights to the care of her patients. In 2021, Connie was co-author of an article about the innovative use of scalp cooling technologies to reduce hair loss for women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Professional memberships

  • MOGA
  • COSA
  • ESMO
  • ASCO
  • BCT

Publications and affiliations

  • Cancer-related inflammation and treatment effectiveness. C.I. Diakos, K.A. Charles, D.C. McMillan, S.J. Clarke. Lancet Oncology 2014; 15: e493-503.
  • A data-driven, knowledge-based approach to biomarker discovery: application to circulating microRNA markers of colorectal cancer prognosis. F. Vafaee, C.I. Diakos, M.B. Kirschner, G. Reid, M. Michael, L.G. Horvath, Z.J. Cheng, Z. Kuncic, S.J. Clarke. npj Systems Biology and Applications 2018 4(1), 20.
  • The lymphocyte-to-monocyte ratio is a superior predictor of survival in comparison to established biomarkers of resectable colorectal cancer. J.C.Y. Chan, D.L. Chan, C.I. Diakos, A. Engel, N. Pavlakis, A. Gill, S.J. Clarke. Annals of Surgery 2017; 265(3), 539-546.
  • Tumour sidedness is not an independent prognostic marker of colorectal cancer patients undergoing curative resection: A retrospective cohort study. J.C.Y. Chan, C.I. Diakos, D.L. Chan, A. Engel, A. Gill, S.J. Clarke; PLOS One; 2019 14(6), e0218207.
  • A longitudinal investigation of inflammatory markers in colorectal cancer patients perioperatively demonstrates benefit in serial re-measurement. J.C.Y. Chan, C.I. Diakos, D.L. Chan, A. Engel, N. Pavlakis, A. Gill, S.J. Clarke. Annals of Surgery 2018; 267(6): 1119-1125.
  • Scalp cooling in integrated model of breast cancer care C. Diakos, S. Baron-Hay, L. Pugliano, E. Arnold, P. Mottlee, InSight +, May 2021.