Cancer diagnosis

We offer fast access to diagnostics, with many of our centres offering appointments within 24 hours and dedicated clinics for breast, urology, prostate and haematology


If you’re concerned about your health, whether that’s a breast lump, an ache, a persistent cough or fatigue, our priority is to provide you with results – quickly and accurately. Using best practice methods as well as the latest techniques and advanced technology, our teams are dedicated to helping people find the answers they need – often on the same day.

Pathology tests

Imaging scans

One Stop Breast Clinic


Why go private?

Fast access

Many of our clinics offer appointments within 24 hours. Most insurers will cover any tests and scans you require and you don’t always need a GP referral.

Advanced techniques

As well as best practice tests and scans, we also use the latest innovative techniques for accurately diagnosing and assessing cancers.

Leading experts

We work closely with renowned consultants who are experienced in the diagnosis and management of cancer and benign conditions, with comprehensive care pathways.
Shorter treatment times

Clinical excellence

Paciente antes de un tratamiento

Why GenesisCare?

If you need further tests or treatment, you’re in the right place. As a leading private provider of cancer care, we provide access to world-class expertise, the latest technology and treatments that have been proven to make a difference. By collaborating with leading health professionals, we design and deliver better ways to improve life outcomes

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