Diagnostic head and neck service

If you’re concerned about symptoms of head and neck cancer, it’s important to see a specialist as soon as possible.

Head and neck cancer is rare, but can be fast growing, so, similar to other cancers, early diagnosis and treatment without unnecessary delays is strongly recommended.

As the UK’s leading private cancer specialist, we have a dedicated team of head and neck experts providing rapid access to assessment, diagnosis and treatment for any symptoms or concerns you may have. We are able to diagnose any condition causing your symptoms and ensure you have the answers and treatment you need without delay.

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If you’re worried about symptoms or you have any concerns, contact us today to speak to our friendly team and to book an appointment at one of our Rapid Access Head and Neck Service.

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0808 304 2332

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What you need

If you’re using private medical insurance, you’ll need a GP referral. If you’re paying for yourself, you can book straightaway and you will be asked about your medical history

Who is the service for

You should attend the Rapid Access Head and Neck Service if you are worried about any of the below unexplained head and neck cancer symptoms.

  • Neck lumps
  • Feeling of lumps in the throat
  • Goitre – a swelling of the thyroid gland which causes a lump in the front of the neck
  • Voice hoarseness/voice changes
  • Swallowing issues
  • Reflux – acid from the stomach leaks up into the oesophagus. This can cause heartburn
  • Nasal blockage
  • Facial numbness
  • Weakness of the face
  • Swelling in the throat, including tonsil
  • Persistent mouth ulcers
  • White/red patches in the mouth
  • Unexplained teeth problems
  • Persistent pain in the head, neck or ear

These symptoms may be accompanied by difficulties with everyday activities such as talking, eating or drinking. Although they can be a sign of cancer, they are probably an indication of a range of other conditions which can be treated. Our specialist team will assess your symptoms, make a diagnosis and ensure you have the appropriate treatment for your condition.

About your appointment

Initial appointment

At your first appointment, you’ll see the consultant and also have an examination. This may involve a nasopharyngoscopy which is a simple procedure where a camera is put through your nose to examine your throat/voice box.

If you have a neck lump you may need to have an ultrasound scan. This may be before or after your initial appointment with the consultant.

Follow-up tests

You may be asked to come back for further tests. These may include:

  • 3T MRI
  • CT
  • PET/CT
  • Ultrasound
  • Biopsy
  • Ultrasound guided biopsy (core biopsy or fine needle aspiration)
  • Blood tests

What happens next

If your consultant diagnoses a non-cancerous condition, we’ll discuss a treatment plan for you at an appropriate facility.

If your consultant diagnoses cancer, our expert team will review your case and agree the appropriate head and neck cancer treatment for you. Your treatment will start within a few days.

Before your treatment starts, you will be supported by our speech and language therapist and dietitian who can help you manage your symptoms as well as prepare you for your treatment.

Our head and neck consultants

Your consultations, tests and any subsequent treatment will be led by one of our highly experienced consultant surgeons and oncologists who specialise in head and neck conditions. They work closely with our speech and language therapist, dietitian and wellbeing consultants. This is because, as well as state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatments, a strong multidisciplinary approach and psychological support is essential to providing the most appropriate treatments for you without interruptions.

Our Rapid Access Head and Neck Service is run by the following consultants:

Professor Stuart Winter
Consultant ENT, head and neck surgeon
NHS trust: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Mr Satheesh Prabhu
Consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeon
NHS trust: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

Mr Priy Silva
Consultant ENT, head and neck surgeon
NHS trust: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Sileida Oliveros
Consultant clinical oncologist
NHS trust: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Ketan Shah
Consultant clinical oncologist
NHS trust: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The team is supported by clinical nurse specialist Katie Lawrence, speech and language therapist Penny White and dietitian Rupali Shah.

Why choose GenesisCare?

Payment options

We are recognised by all the leading providers of private medical insurance. You may need to call your insurer for authorisation and obtain a GP referral letter, depending on your provider, to attend our clinic. We also offer self-pay options and prices are available from the centre.

Book an appointment

If you’re concerned about unexplained head and neck cancer symptoms, contact our Oxford centre to book an appointment for our Rapid Access Head and Neck Service.

Types of head and neck cancer

Head and neck cancers we treat at GenesisCare include:

  • Laryngeal cancer
  • Mouth cancer
  • Nasal cavity cancer
  • Nasopharyngeal cancer
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Salivary gland cancer
  • Throat cancer
  • Tonsil cancer
  • Hypopharyngeal cancer

Patient stories

We believe patients can be our teachers and trusted advisers, benefiting from their unique experiences.

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