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Honouring Clinical Excellence & Leadership: GenesisCare Launches Inaugural Global Physician Recognition Program

Seventeen leading physicians recognised for outstanding contributions to patient care

Sydney, Australia –  Coinciding with World Cancer Day, GenesisCare, one of the leading providers of integrated cancer care globally, has today announced the inaugural recipients of its Global Physician Honour Roll, GenesisCare 17.

The GenesisCare 17 award recipient list features leading radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, surgeons, urologists, and cardiologists from across the GenesisCare network who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to GenesisCare’s mission and values.

The concept of the program pays homage to the origins of GenesisCare, which was founded seventeen years ago by Group Chief Executive Officer, Dan Collins, and a group of seven cardiologists, HeartCare Partners, at a single cardiology clinic in Brisbane, Australia.

Group Chief Medical Officer, Wally Curran, MD, extended his warmest congratulations to the inaugural recipients of the GenesisCare 17 program who have all made outstanding contributions to patient care and shaping GenesisCare’s organisational purpose and strategy.

“GenesisCare was founded seventeen years ago by our Chief Executive Officer Dan Collins and a group of seven cardiologists, who were united by a shared mission to design and deliver an innovative new model of personalised care to achieve the best possible life outcomes for patients.”

“Today we are honouring a group of physicians from across our network who each individually have demonstrated a commitment to the same core mission GenesisCare was founded on seventeen years ago,” continued Dr Curran.

“The recipients of the GenesisCare 17 Award not only deliver excellent patient care but also contribute to our broader organisational purpose and strategy, whether that is through mentorship of the next generation of physicians, implementing new quality and safety initiatives, or driving clinical research,” concluded Dr Curran.

Full list of recipients of GenesisCare 17

Oncology Australia

Dr Connie Diakos, Medical Oncologist, NSW

Dr Michael Ng, Radiation Oncologist, Victoria

A/Prof Dion Forstner, Radiation Oncologist, NSW

Dr Ed Sia, Radiation Oncologist, QLD

Cardiology Australia

Dr Peter Dias, Cardiologist, Western Australia

Dr Stephen Pavia, Electrophysiologist, Queensland

Dr Karen Teo, Cardiovascular Imaging Specialist, South Australia

United Kingdom

Dr Nicola Dallas, Clinical Oncologist, Windsor, United Kingdom

Dr Veni Ezhil, Clinical Oncologist, Guildford, United Kingdom

Dr Sileida Oliveros, Clinical Oncologist, Oxford, United Kingdom


Dr Rosebel Lobo, Radiation Oncologist, Toledo, Spain

Dr Jose Antonio Gonzalez Ferreira, Radiation Oncologist, Sevilla, Spain

Dr Lucrecia Ruiz, Medical Oncologist, Madrid, Spain

United States

Dr Kishore Dass, Radiation Oncologist, Wellington, United States

Dr Mark Bloomston, Surgical Oncologist, Fort Myers, United States

Dr Brian Roberts, Urologist, Myrtle Beach, United States

Dr Dan Vongtama, Radiation Oncologist, Stockton, United States

Honouring Clinical Excellence and Leadership