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Complex SABR treatment now LIVE at GenesisCare’s Centre for Radiotherapy at Cromwell Hospital

The full range of stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SABR) indications are now LIVE at GenesisCare’s Centre for Radiotherapy at Cromwell Hospital. We are very pleased to share with you that we have completed a robust process of quality assurance and are now able to offer Complex SABR treatment – this includes liver, spine, central lung, adrenal and reirradiation as well as Simple SABR targets such as non-spine bone, lymph node and peripheral lung tumours. This marks a significant milestone for state-of-the-art treatment offered within the centre.

We are fortunate to have access to next generation treatment platforms including a Varian Edge linear accelerator, a new Gamma Knife Icon and in 2021, a MRIdian MR Linac. This will enable us to become a centre of excellence for extracranial and neurological stereotactic treatments. Our robust clinical governance and quality structure enables us to offer a safe environment where clinicians can feel confident in knowing that they are providing the best care for their patients.


Our SABR Advisory Team (SAT) of experienced SABR clinicians has grown and now includes oncologists from London, the Midlands, the East of England, the South East, and Oxford. Our radiographer teams in every centre have undergone a comprehensive competency programme in SABR treatment delivery and IGRT, supported by our Lead SABR Radiographer. We recently appointed a dedicated Principal Stereotactic Physicist and Principal Stereotactic Radiographer to support the development of our stereotactic service, making our innovative ideas a reality.

Across the UK network, we have treated over 350 SABR cases and all oncologists with SABR practising privileges can treat their patients with peer review support from the SABR Advisory Team. The Varian Edge platform at GenesisCare’s Centre for Radiotherapy at Cromwell Hospital is particularly well suited to Complex SABR cases – 4DCT, surface-guided IGRT setup and abdominal compression are available as standard for appropriate cases.

All referrals undergo review as part of the SABR treatment pathway including a SAT MDT review, internal ‘SABR huddle’ where the case is discussed prior to simulation with a multi-disciplinary team of oncologist, physicist, dosimetrist and radiographer. This well-established and efficient process guarantees a seamless pathway whilst ensuring that quality and safety are maintained.

By combining this expertise with leading-edge technology, we offer exceptional care and a treatment plan that is tailored to meet clinician requirements and the needs of our patients.


Image shows two lung tumours treated with a single isocentre SABR Plan . 4DCT used to determine target movement

For enquiries about SABR or a review by our SABR MDT, email sabr@genesiscare.co.uk

If you would like to join our team of clinical oncologists or would like more information about how to refer to our centre, please contact our Referrer Engagement Manager below.

Younan Estefanos
Referrer Engagement Manager

Mobile: +44 7880 338 689

Email: younan.estefanos@genesiscare.co.uk

James Good
Clinical Director – Stereotactic Radiotherapy

John Conibear
London Clinical Lead