Why go private?

According to figures from NHS England, over the last year, on average 50,000 patients every month waited beyond the two-week target to see a cancer specialist after a GP referral, with 25,000 patients waiting at least a month to start treatment after being diagnosed.

With one in two people expected to get cancer in their lifetime, there’s never been a more important time to access care as quickly as possible.

Accessing your private health insurance for cancer care not only enables you to be seen without delay, but it also helps relieve the overall burden on the NHS, meaning others can be seen quicker too.

Using your private health insurance for cancer care

Studies have shown that people who are diagnosed and treated early for cancer are more likely to have better outcomes. Whilst it can be a worrying time, it’s important to see your GP as soon as possible if you notice any symptoms, you think might be cancer.  Often tests and scan results come back negative, but it’s best to get things checked and get the answers you need so if any treatment is required you can start as soon as possible.

Whether you’re experiencing symptoms or have already received a cancer diagnosis, you can ask your GP to refer you to one of our many cancer consultants or surgeons at your local GenesisCare outpatient’s centre. We treat every type of adult cancer, with treatment often starting within days of a diagnosis.

To use your private health insurance, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Ask your GP for a referral
  2. Check your policy covers what you need and call your health insurer for a pre-authorisation number. If you've not been referred to a specific consultant, we work with many experienced and leading expert surgeons and oncologists specialising in cancer diagnosis and treatment Meet our doctors  
  3. Call our contact centre team and they can help you make an appointment. They’ll also explain what you’ll need to have ready, such as your insurer details and pre-authorisation number and the name of the consultant you want to see. Our team are here to help you with all the details

Call now

If you want to know more about how private cancer treatment works or you're ready to make an appointment

0808 304 2332
0808 304 2332

Getting a diagnosis

If you’re concerned about symptoms, you can visit one of our consultant-led outpatient clinics. We’ll carry out any tests or scans you need to diagnose the cause of your symptoms and give you the results either during your visit, or we’ll arrange a follow-up appointment to discuss them once they’re back.   A GP referral isn’t always necessary for these clinics.

Alternatively, if your GP suspects you have cancer, they can refer you directly to one of our expert doctors at you nearest GenesisCare centre for any pathology tests or imaging scans you need. We’ll send your results, usually within 48 hours, to your referring doctor, who will contact you to explain the results and discuss the next steps.


Reviewed by:

Dr Eliot Sims
Chief Medical Officer for GenesisCare
July 2023

Patient Stories

Diana’s story

When Diana was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer, she knew it was important to start treatment quickly and was glad she’d kept her private medical insurance going after she retired.

David’s story

When David received a raised PSA blood test and needed further tests, he used his private health insurance to access the very latest prostate cancer biopsy procedure.

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