Our Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC)



GenesisCare recognises that one of the best ways of enhancing quality of care is to listen to and partner with people who have experienced cancer and its treatments.Using this experience, our consumers provide advice and make an active contribution as key partners in the planning, delivery and reform of our services, by working with us as part of the National Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC).

With sincere thanks to previous serving members of the Consumer Advisory Committee: Alvaro Alonco, David Vance (RIP), Peter Coady (RIP) and Patricia Grieg.



The CAC have established six strategic priorities that GenesisCare are actively working towards. For an update on our progress against these goals, please click here.

Meet our committee

Carol Coady

Carol’s husband, Peter, was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer 10 years ago, she accompanied him to therapy sessions, scans and doctors’ visits. Having her father die of cancer at home 26 years ago and acting as her husband’s carer, Carol hopes to use her experiences to help anyone who finds themselves in the same position.

Denise Mc Gowan

Denise was diagnosed with Breast Cancer resulting in the need for a lumpectomy followed by radiation therapy. She strongly believes in the importance of considering the emotional and physical side-effects and to have a strategy to ease patient concerns. Her focus is letting people know that they have a choice when it comes to treatment options.

John Dowling

John was looking forward to an active and enjoyable retirement when he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. Following surgery, radiation and ADT, John is now looking forward to a successful long-term outcome. He hopes to help to minimise traumas commonly accompanying patients; teaching and enabling them to live with confidence and hope despite the challenges.

Barbara Rhode

Barbara was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer which left her needing surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. She has completed a Master of Public Health, has been involved with other consumer groups and wants to ensure that the consumer voice is heard in every aspect of care on the cancer journey.

Kerryn Coles

Kerryn was diagnosed with grade one breast cancer and underwent surgery and radiation therapy. During part of her treatment she continued working in her role for students with special needs, achieving excellent outcomes with the Western Australia Education Department. Kerryn would like to ensure others experiencing breast cancer are fully aware of available treatments and that all patients receive personalised care.

Mary-Ann Holt

Mary-Ann's husband experienced breast cancer at age thirty-six. Years later she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and Herceptin for treatment. Mary-Ann has spent her career working in various public health administration roles and is a strong advocate for empowering patients to be involved in their care and to make informed decisions.

Susan Watchman

Sue experienced breast cancer (in 2018) including surgery and radiation therapy. She is also the primary carer for her father who has metastatic melanoma. With a strong background in health sector service delivery, management and education she is keen to contribute to consumer representation to enhance patient and carer experiences.

Consumer Representative Panel (CRP)

We recognise that one of the best ways of enhancing quality of care is to listen to and partner with people who have experienced cancer and its treatments. Using this experience, our consumers provide advice and make an active contribution as key partners in the planning, delivery and reform of our services, by working with us as part of the Consumer Representative Panel (CRP). To be part the panel we ask patients and carers to complete this form. Potential candidates will be contacted by the Patient Experience Team based on suitability.

10 examples of how we partner with consumers to co-design our service




5 examples of learnings from partnering with consumers that influence our service


    1. We provide patient-facing information brochures that are easy to read and understand. These are accessible in all centres and we are working towards having these accessible online.
    2. We created an easy to read and use a website where resources and information are available and easy to find.
    3. We developed Safety and quality information that is displayed to patients in a high-level format on wait room slides in centres and detailed information accessible on our website, designed with consumers.
    4. The creation of our patient stories gives patients a voice and enables members of our team to better understand the patient perspective to achieve better patient outcomes.
    5. We worked closely with a patient who experience DIBH and developed the “A patient’s perspective of DIBH” video to educate our team about the consumer perspective with this treatment technique.

Meet our panel

Don Plant

Don was diagnosed with prostate cancer and received radiation therapy, external beam radiation and hormone treatment to manage side-effects. Having experienced cancer, he is currently mentoring a patient in a similar situation. Don says that “having a positive attitude and a sense of humour make cancer as best an experience as it can be”. He hopes to encourage this approach to support others.

Wayne Lieberman

Wayne was diagnosed with a Merkel Cell Carcinoma and continues a journey of remission. With a background in marketing and sales for a Pharmaceutical Company and now a news presenter and journalist for Gold Coast radio, Wayne believes his experiences will help in the review of health literature and support the ongoing improvement of patient-centred care.

Julie McCrossin

Julie was diagnosed with cancer in her tonsils, throat and tongue caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). She underwent radiation therapy and has been in remission for four years. With a career as a journalist and ABC broadcaster she is now an avid patient advocate promoting education and support systems during and after treatment.

Wendy Thom

Wendy, a keen netballer and mother of two from country Victoria was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of thirty-two. While continuing to juggle family life and work in Emergency Management for the State Government, Wendy underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. She stresses the importance of fighting cancer with family and friends and hopes to improve the cancer experience for others.

Clare Vink

At the age of twenty-five Clare Vink was diagnosed with breast cancer. For treatment, Clare received surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and has ongoing hormone therapy medication. Clare is a registered nurse and is passionate about providing feedback to make the cancer journey less stressful for patients.

Lee McKerracher

Lee was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy for her treatment. After experiencing cancer Lee wanted to give back – she is now an active member of various consumer advocacy groups. Through speaking engagements Lee shares her passion for improving health literacy and empowering patients to be actively involved in their care.

Gloria Perkins

Gloria was diagnosed with breast cancer breast and received surgery and radiation treatment. In her career with Weight Watchers she educated hundreds of people to reap the benefits of good nutrition. Gloria is an advocate for wellness and hopes to use her experiences to speak up for patients and facilitate support resources

Doug Jones

Following a prostate cancer diagnosis, Doug received high dosage brachytherapy and external beam radiation therapy. He strongly believes in a holistic approach to cancer treatment and is keen to contribute ideas whereby future patients can receive excellent treatment and care regardless of which state or country the care is administered.

John Stubbs

John was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia. He holds degrees in Accounting and Arts and is a regular speaker at medical conferences in Australia and internationally about cancer policy, advocacy, clinical trials, research and related issues. He is a committed and passionate advocate for people affected by cancer.

Pamela Bell

Diagnosed with grade III breast cancer, Pamela underwent chemotherapy, radiation therapy and drug therapy. She has years of experience as a Registered General Nurse and engagements with San Antonio Breast Cancer, RANZCR, Cancer NSW and Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA). Pamela hopes her experience as both a health professional and cancer patient will assist with improving the patient experience.

Paul Maher

Paul was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017 and received radiation therapy and hormone therapy. When he’s cancer became aggressive he underwent surgery to remove the cancer. Over the course of his cancer experience keeping a positive mindset and staying active had a great impact on Paul’s recovery. For many years Paul was a firefighter, he then managed training programs for healthcare agencies and managed building projects. Paul is now retired and wishes to give back by sharing his cancer experience and working with GenesisCare to improve patient experience.