Payments (cardiology)

Cardiology payments


Patients can enquire about the cost of their visit, test or procedure when making an appointment. We can provide you with a guideline of what you are likely to pay out-of-pocket when you book your appointment. Fees charged by our clinics are consistent with providing high quality cardiovascular services and vary depending on the test or procedure required.

Medicare Claiming

Your costs are often partially covered through Medicare via the Medicare Benefits Scheme and the Extended Medicare Safety Net programs. Medicare contributes towards both inpatient and outpatient medical fees by the payment of a rebate. To assist you with funding your outpatient (non-hospital) medical costs when you visit our practices, we are able to process an online Medicare claim at the time of payment. Medicare will then refund you the rebate component either directly into your bank account (if they have it on record) or to you by cheque.
If you have had many medical bills in the calendar year you may find that you are eligible for Government support via the Medicare Safety Net arrangements. The Medicare Safety Net covers a range of out-of-hospital doctor visits and tests listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule. We do not need to know whether you are eligible for the Safety Net arrangements.


Healthcare Fund Claiming

Healthcare fund claiming is only available for inpatient services linked to a hospital stay as a private patient in a private or public hospital. Your health fund (and Medicare) may not fully cover our fees and consequently you may be required to make an out of pocket / known gap payment for inpatient services. If unsure about what you can claim from your Healthcare fund, please contact them directly.

Payment methods

We accept credit card, cash and provide EFTPOS facilities. We ask patients to settle accounts in full on the day of consultation. We can also lodge Medicare claims electronically, so that Medicare rebates are automatically sent to your nominated bank account.
These programs do not cover the full component of your medical costs and there will be an out of pocket expense associated with your appointment.

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