Sub-specialist cardiology clinics providing fast access, improved support and better outcomes for patients with suspected or proven heart conditions

What is a team-based care clinic?

Team based care is a model developed by GenesisCare based on evidence from around the globe that patient outcomes can be improved by having a multi-disciplinary team involved in their cardiac care. At GenesisCare the cardiologist works with a team of highly trained cardiac nurses and cardiac physiologists to provide patient sub-speciality clinics. We offer clinics for arrhythmias, heart failure, CV risk assessment and cardio-oncology.

How will my patient benefit?

  • Team based care delivers fast access to appointments
  • Guideline driven, personalised management plans in an environment that has been proven to improve patient outcomes.
  • By expanding the care team to include a nurse, we can offer your patients increased education on their condition,
  • direct nurse lead helpline between appointments to help support increased treatment compliance.

Patients have access to clinics in a number of locations across Melbourne. To find out more please email your local Referrer Engagement Manager Effie Laveglia:

Alan's story - Living with heart failure

You could feel the level of support, the level of interest, the level of care.

- Alan

Improved patient outcomes with GenesisCare


Heart Failure

Hospital re-admission rates are significantly lower for patients treated in a heart failure team based care clinic compared to Australian averages.


Patients with Atrial Fibrillation treated in a team based care environment have a significant relative risk reduction in all cause mortality of 56%.


CV Risk Assessment

Decreased Myocardial Infarction rates and increased adherence to Lipid lowering and anti-platelet prescriptions


Managing and preventing CV disease in an at risk population, pre, during and following cancer treatment.


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