You’ll notice GenesisCare will look and sound different from now on.

But the reasons you might choose us haven’t changed.
It’s the same great care, team and technology that we’ve always had.

We’ve just refreshed how we look and talk.

To us, better care is about more than treatment or testing.
It’s everything. Including how we communicate with you. Sometimes we have to use quite technical language and talk about tough issues. We felt that we could do a better job of that. To be simpler, more personal, clearer and a bit more human. How we sound should feel like the care you or your loved one might get from our team every day.

So in partnership with former patients and our teams around the world, we’ve changed our look, the pictures, the logo, the website, even our name in some cities. And we’ve done it across every country where we provide care.

But the important things?

Our commitment to designing better care around you. To getting the best out of the technology. To making it about more than your treatment. To helping you through your health challenges and live well beyond them. That will never change. That’s our promise to you.

GenesisCare - What we believe


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