COVID-19 support for clinicians

We are committed to supporting our referrers during these immensely difficult and challenging times and to ensuring that our patients continue to receive the best possible care without delay.

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Continuing to treat patients

GenesisCare continues to provide access to patient treatment, without delay.

We know how important it is to be able to offer your patient treatment options and solutions in times of uncertainty.

We are working with the healthcare community to ensure all patients have continued, safe, high quality access to radiation therapy and medical oncology services close to home.

GenesisCare radiation therapy and medical oncology centres remain open and are implementing best-practice infection control measures based on available evidence and global and national guidelines to ensure the safety of all patients and healthcare staff.

People with cancer can continue to:

  • access care within a week
  • receive remote telehealth consultations
  • be reassured by stringent infection control and social distancing measures

Refer for chemotherapy and radiation therapy

For patients starting or continuing cancer treatment, each case will be reviewed individually by an eMDT which may involve the referring clinician.

The Australian context

It’s important to note that the extent of testing for COVID-19 in Australia is amongst the highest in the world, and this gives us a good picture of the infection rates in the community. Currently this rate is still low hence the risk of infection due to casual contact in healthcare settings is also low. This is different to the situation in Europe, where testing rates are much lower and there is a higher rate of infection in the community.

The risks associated with not continuing cancer treatment may well outweigh the risks of contracting COVID-19 in a well-managed treatment environment.

In response to the escalating COVID-19 health crisis, we are ensuring our cancer patients are still able to receive the highest quality cancer care in a safe environment, particularly through the use of evidence based protocols which shorten the length of the treatment course.”

- Prof. Peter O'Brien - Chief Medical Officer – Oncology Australia, GenesisCare

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