World Cancer Day 2023

Improving inequity in cancer care

Today is World Cancer Day (WCD), a global initiative aiming to unite all walks of life across countries and continents in the fight against cancer. In 2023, the WCD theme ‘Close the Care Gap’ encourages people to recognise the inequities in cancer care around the world and take action to improve access to cancer treatment for all. Factors such as income, education, location and discrimination can affect whether people gain access to the care they need, ultimately costing lives.

The GenesisCare Foundation (GCF), an independent charity borne from the vision and values of GenesisCare, strives to support cancer patients to live better for longer. The Foundation envisions a world where those needing cancer care, live their best lives. On WCD, we’re shining a light on GCF programs that help patients who hit barriers when seeking cancer care.

GenesisCare Australia offers many new and pioneering treatment options for all of its’ prostate cancer patients receiving radiotherapy. For patients without private health insurance however, some options are financially out of reach. Through a partnership with GenesisCare Australia and selected private hospitals, GCF is providing compassionate access for some uninsured, eligible patients to a new treatment option targeted at improving quality of life outcomes.

The grant from the GenesisCare Foundation allowed me to focus on my wellbeing and not my financial worries"

Rhonda, beneficiary of the GCF small grant program.

The additional costs associated with treatment for patients who live in rural areas or who already experience financial hardship can be a considerable extra burden while undertaking cancer care. The small grants program was originally made possible by a head & neck cancer patient who held a fundraiser for the GCF. His wish was for the donation to support other patients in Melbourne going through a similar journey, but who were struggling financially to support themselves. The grant supports the costs of travel, food, and medication and is currently being scaled state-wide in Victoria.

The coordinator of WCD, the Union for International Cancer Control, is calling on supporters from around the world to recognise the gaps in cancer care around the world and different ways to act in support of cancer patients from all backgrounds.

For more information on World Cancer Day and ways to get involved, visit the campaign website.

Find out more about the work of the GenesisCare Foundation here.

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