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Dr Mike Fay

  • Radiation Oncologist
  • Spoken languages English


Expanding treatment options for patients with resistant and hard to treat cancers is my passion and mission.

Awards received

  • Funded by the Mark Hughes Foundation, Dr Fay was named as the inaugural recipient of a three-year HMRI Mid-Career Research Fellowship dedicated to brain cancer.
  • Dr Fay won a prize from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists for his research study on predicting toxicity from radiotherapy which was published in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology and Physics.

Professional memberships

Dr Fay is a member of ASCO, ASTRO and COGNO and on the editorial board of The Journal of Translational Lung Cancer Research.

Research interests

Dr Fay’s research interests include lung and neuro-oncology with a focus on brain tumours and the development of new imaging and treatment techniques. He is the principal investigator in a number of international cancer trials and collaborations with Canada, the UK and Germany. His research spans across several modalities including PET imagery, MRI imaging and developing multiplexed neuro-imaging techniques. As well as securing over $4.5m in research funding over the last ten years, he is a lead researcher in an NCIC trial into brain tumour treatment in elderly patients.

Dr Fay is fascinated by how PET imaging has revolutionised oncology care in the past 20 years and is set to revolutionise therapy in the development of theranostics. A current research project centres on developing a new PET tracer for use in brain tumours. Dr Fay is looking forward to using new imaging tools to better understand treatment resistant mechanisms and optimise brain cancer treatments.

Publications and affiliations

  • DNA damage repair in glioblastoma: current perspectives on its role in tumour progression, treatment resistance and PIKKing potential therapeutic targets. Mathew Lozinski, Nikola A. Bowden, Moira C. Graves, Michael Fay & Paul A. Tooney. Cellular Oncology (2021). Read here.
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  • R. J. Head, M. F. Fay, L. Cosgrove, K. Y. C. Fung, D. Rundle-Thiele & J. H. Martin (2017) Persistence of DNA adducts, hypermutation and acquisition of cellular resistance to alkylating agents in glioblastoma, Cancer Biology & Therapy, 18:12, 917-926, Read here.
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