Dr Dinesh Sivaratnam
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A/Prof Dinesh Sivaratnam

A/Prof Dinesh Sivaratnam
MBBS FRACP FANNMS, B.MED.Sci, Nuclear Medicine Physician

Languages spoken

English, Sinhalese



Cabrini (Gandel Wing)
Cabrini (Gandel Wing)
-37.86102997837343, 145.03304842664858

Clinical interests in metastatic prostate cancer.

A/Prof. Sivaratnam graduated from Monash University, Melbourne in 1993 with honours.

He became a Fellow of the College of Physicians in Cardiology in 2001 and received his specialist recognition in Nuclear Medicine in 2002.

In 2003 he was recognised with the first prize in the state of Victoria by the Royal College of Physicians for Research undertaken by a registrar. In addition, he was invited to be a Victorian representative at the national RACP meeting in Hobart.

A/Prof Sivaratnam is the Head of Nuclear Medicine at Cabrini Hospital and at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

He has a clinical interest in the treatment of thyroid cancer and metastatic prostate cancer.

A/Prof Sivaratnam practices in all aspects of nuclear medicine.

Professional memberships



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