Are your patients masking potential heart disease symptoms?

Refer them to GenesisCare for early cardiac investigation.

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Len’s Story

Len is a 69 year old grandfather who ignored symptoms of breathlessness and fatigue for years, putting them down to stress or other factors. In December 2019, Len had a quintuple bypass after being diagnosed with severe coronary artery disease following a CTCA scan.

Calcium Score or CTCA? Which is the right test for the right patient?

Heart disease can have many shared symptoms with a number of conditions, such as stress. If you have patients experiencing potential symptoms of heart disease, refer them to a GenesisCare cardiac centre for early investigation.

Coronary Artery Disease and Cardiac CT

Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the leading cause of death in Australia, claiming the lives of 48 people every day.¹ Cardiac CT scans can identify the presence of CAD at an early stage. The presence of any calcium in the arteries implies risk, and this knowledge can allow early intervention and lifestyle modifications for patients to reduce their risk of major cardiac events.²


Calcium Score or CTCA? Which is the right test for the right patient?


CTCA scans

Calcium scores


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