Pancreatic Cancer Compassionate Access

Patient Story

“The Compassionate Access program has really helped me to actually access this type of treatment.” – Maxine –

Maxine, one of the first 50 public (National Health Service) patients in the UK able to access GenesisCare Foundation’s Compassionate Access Program, shares her experience of finding hope through innovation.


The Program

Providing compassionate access for public patients with inoperable advanced or recurrent pancreatic cancer, this program is a first-of-its-kind collaboration between GenesisCare Foundation, GenesisCare UK, the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund, the University of Oxford and ViewRay.

GenesisCare Foundation’s Pancreatic Compassionate Access Program allows patients to be treated using stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) with the UK’s first MRIdian machine, providing live, detailed images and increased accuracy in targeting the tumour and avoiding major organs situated nearby.1

The program is also generating patient outcome data that will help embed this technology into oncology practice.


This program is treating 75 patients public patients across the United Kingdom, with results showing how many patients have experienced sustained tumour control, and no late radiation toxicity.2

As Maxine, one the first public (NHS) patients to access the program, shared with us, this program is providing options to patients who would otherwise have none.

The success of the program in the UK, will see it launched in initial key locations across Australia with details of Australian partners and the program coming soon.


  1. Rudra S, et al. Cancer Med 2019; 8:2123-2132.
  2. Chuong M, et al. ESTRO, Madrid, 2021

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