“…staff were really thinking of me, as a person, not a number.”


Patient story

Liza is a breast cancer patient and mother of three whose income was severely impacted during Covid-19. This burden significantly increased her anxiety during treatment and being able to get support through the program was crucial to improving her experience.

“The program still makes me tear up a bit… it helped me so much.

I was travelling for radiation therapy every day and it helped so much that somebody else thought that I would need that help. It also helped me emotionally that, even though I couldn’t have loved ones there, staff were really thinking of me, as a person, not a number.”

The program

This program was launched at the height of the pandemic to ensure patients could access treatment in safety due to the heightened risk of COVID-19 in immunocompromised individuals.

This response program addresses the financial hardship many people find themselves in as a result of COVID-19 and offers eligible patients compensation for costs associated with getting to and from essential treatment, such as parking, taxis, fuel and accommodation.


The positive impact was felt both by patients, grateful for the support, and by GenesisCare employees, enthusiastic about being able to go the extra mile for the people they cared for during a difficult time.

  • The program supported over 115 patients and their families
  • Over 50% of uptake was from regional and rural areas, highlighting the need for support of those travelling long distances to attend treatment
  • Although demographics were consistent with GenesisCare trends, there were a considerable amount of younger female patients facing child-care challenges

Thorough evaluation of this program showcased not only its success but the continual need for cancer patients to have practical support upon diagnosis and treatment; pandemic or no pandemic.

We are designing a Support Access Program which will not only fund travel costs and accommodation but childcare and greater psychosocial support.