Cardiology consultations

We believe in providing patients with access to care, when and where they need it most. To support unique patient needs, we offer a choice of cardiology consultation methods.

Cardiac consultations

We ask that patients are prepared with a list of their current medications, an up to date referral and any previous cardiac test results.

Additional testing may be required prior to consultations and will be communicated directly with the patient.

Find more information on how to refer a patient in your local area here.

Traditional consultations

Should the patient prefer a more traditional consultation, one on one with their cardiologist in a face to face setting, or where team-based care clinics are unavailable, we can support them.

Team-based care

Where possible, we support patients with a team-based approach. These specialist team-based, patient centric clinics deliver fast access, increased support and better patient outcomes for people with proven or suspected heart conditions.

Increased support means the patient’s understanding and compliance to the specialist management plan is improved, resulting in better cardiac outcomes and overall wellbeing.

Team-based clinics provide:

  • Access to comprehensive cardiology services, including on-site testing and consultations
  • Treatment, care and support delivered by a team of specialist cardiac doctors and nurses in partnership with the primary care doctor
  • Personalised treatment plans that are guideline adherent
  • Minimal wait times to both public and private patients
  • Ongoing cardiac care education and professional development for referring doctors
  • Patient access to nurse communication in between appointment times
  • Patient education on their condition and wellbeing to support increased compliance
  • Reduced latency from findings to diagnosis


We are committed to providing continuing access to cardiac care and recognise that sometimes a face to face consultation is not possible.

Where appropriate, eligible patients may access their consultation via telehealth.

Telehealth is the use of live videoconferencing or telephone call for patient appointments with their cardiologist, removing the patient’s need to travel.

All consultations via telehealth are private and confidential with encryption applied.

Patients will receive instructions to support the technical aspect of the call.

Telehealth allows:

  • Improved access to the patient’s cardiologist
  • Reduced time in clinic, travel time and cost
  • Reduced absence from work
  • Reduced waiting time