Cancer Ongoing 2021 Tugun QLD, Southport QLD


The purpose of this study is determine whether it is possible to use a drug called prazosin when men are undergoing radiotherapy for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Trial overview

Prostate cancer
A feasibility study of the repurposing of prazosin to improve treatment outcomes in men receiving radiotherapy for prostate cancer (MiniRaP-00).
Eligibility criteria
  • Histologically confirmed adenocarcinoma of the prostate 
  • Age greater or equal to 18 years 
  • No Evidence >5 metastatic sites 
  • No Pre-existing hypotension 
Study details

All patients will commence on 0.5mg of prazosin twice daily one week prior to commencement of radiotherapy. Dose will be increased to weekly to a maximum of 5mg twice daily or to a maximum tolerated dose (MTD), whichever occurs first.

All patients will receive External Beam Radiotherapy as per local guidelines.

Participants with intermediate or high risk PCa will be treated with ADT. ADT treatment will follow local guidelines.

Further information

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Tugun QLD, Southport QLD