Who are we?

GenesisCare Clinical CRO is an independent company founded by GenesisCare, with people skilled across the full spectrum of traditional CRO service offerings yet connected through GenesisCare to additional research services and investigator sites.

What we offer

Why partner with GenesisCare Clinical CRO?

We offer a unique model integrating a Contract Research Organisation with our Clinical Trial Network as well as a bespoke model to fit each client’s needs. Our integrated model leads to faster, better designed and cost-effective drug development:

  • direct to site communication and transparency
  • rapid access to information on patient availability (e.g. eMR)
  • better study feasibility & site selection
  • better patient recruitment & retention
  • faster escalation & resolution of issues
  • improved investigator/site engagement
  • key opinion leader input into study design & reporting
  • access to “Real World Data” & patient registries

Single point of contact for the CRO and Clinical Trials Network

We are not restricted to the use of GenesisCare sites, however, advantages lies within our integration.

Our point of difference

versus other contract research models
  1. Integrated model of Clinical Research Network and CRO embedded in a health care company
  2. International, private Clinical Research Network with:
    • state of the art equipment
    • standardised treatment pathways
  3. CRO research capabilities tailored to facilitate research in therapeutic areas of GenesisCare’s specialisation
  4. Advanced information technology platform with eMR and patient reported outcomes capability allowing:
    • extraction of Real World Data
    • construction of registries
    • support for commercialisation
  5. Nuclear Medicine Services:
    • dosimetry
    • central imaging

Data and Innovation

The CRO leverages GenesisCare's newly established division to accelerate innovation

GenesisCare has established electronic medical records eMRs and applications to allow patient reported outcomes in the therapeutic care pathways for radiation oncology and cardiovascular patients.

In the oncology therapeutic area, physician-led Tumour Reference Groups are standardising the treatment pathways and creating Minimum Data Sets (MDS).

MDS form the basis of data registries used for clinical research.

A hands-on approach

Clinical Services

Empowered project managers and clinical teams to partner together to deliver on timelines and budgets

Medical Services and Safety

Extensive in-house medical expertise and pharmacovigilance services from protocol inception to CSR delivery


Data management and biostatistical services involved from protocol build to final output


Strong quality measures put in place from award to ensure appropriate training, review and adherence to regulations

Clinical Research Network Sites

Heart Care Research

  1. Sites

    Eight (8) research sites across Brisbane, Bundaberg, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. See research site map and “site CVs” in documented in TransCelerate’s Facility Form:

  2. Sites have access to:

    Trained clinical research staff, nurses, cardiac physiologist, administration staff and over 90 cardiologists

  3. Staff

    Over 30 Clinical Trials Network staff

  4. Trials

    Conducted over 120 trials in the last 10 years

  5. Research studies

    Currently involved in approximately 40 ongoing research studies

  6. Key trials

    MAVERIC (mitral valve repair), AMULET (atrial fibrillation), (CLEAR) (CV Events), GALACTIC (CHF), ONYX (anti-platelet)

Professor Stephen Worthley - FRACP, FACC, FCSANZ, FRCP

Sonya McColl - National Research Manager

Cardiovascular outcomes registries

  • GenesisCare registries aim to improve patient outcomes
  • They provide significant Real World Data with the potential to address research questions
  • Registries have been established in:
    • Patients undergoing angioplasty (PCI Registry)
    • Patients undergoing a cardiac implantable device (pacemaker or defibrillator) (Device Registry)
    • Patients attending heart failure clinics (Heart Failure Registry)
    • Patients undergoing cardiac imaging procedures (Echo Data base)

Clinical Trial Network: Cancer Care Research

  1. Sites

    36 Sites (33 radiation oncology, 3 medical oncology)

  2. Staff

    Approximately 23 Clinical Trial Network staff with a further 7 at the newly acquired medical oncology site (NCI)

  3. Trials

    Approximately 6% industry sponsored

  4. Research studies

    Currently involved in approximately 110 ongoing research studies with 56 actively recruiting (excluding NCI) 59 studies at NCI

National Research Operations Lead

Nuclear Medicine Services

With highly specialised and skilled individuals, the Nuclear Medicine, Physics & Dosimetry Service provides a niche service to radiopharmaceutical & instrumentation companies, clinical research organisations, nuclear medicine practices and clinical researchers.

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