Cardiology centres

We have 81 cardiology centres throughout Australia that offer a range of cardiac tests, assessments and procedures. 

NSW centres

North Shore Cardiology

North Shore Health Hub, Tower A, Level 1, 7 Westbourne Street, St Leonards NSW 2065


Call: (02) 9057 5900

Fax: (02) 8037 4111

North Shore cardiology provides consultations and treatments for heart disease.

GenesisCare North Shore delivers high quality cardiac care to the local community. Our experienced clinical team make use of the latest technology and treatments providing our patients with access to the best available care.

Personalised care
Our team understand that everyone is different, we design your evidence based management plan around you.

Fast and easy access
We understand that when it comes to your heart you want fast accessible care. Our team can accommodate urgent requests for consultations with our cardiologists.

Certain cancer treatments can affect the heart. If you are about to start, currently undergoing or have received chemotherapy previously, you may be referred to see our cardio-oncology team or for a test to see how your heart is functioning.