Radiation therapy during COVID-19

Talk to a cancer nurse to discuss your breast cancer treatment options

You may have many questions and concerns about receiving radiation therapy during the current COVID-19 situation. You might even be experiencing delays in receiving treatment as a result of the current conditions or be concerned about going to a large, busy hospital. A cancer diagnosis is difficult enough to deal with, without the added complications of COVID-19.

Rest assured, we can help; and we have set up a phone line with a highly experienced, warm and friendly cancer nurse ready to take your questions or help get you onto treatment within days not weeks.

GenesisCare continues to deliver safe, high quality access to radiation therapy services close to home. Our centres remain open and are implementing best-practice infection control measures based on available evidence and global and national guidelines to ensure the safety of all patients and healthcare staff.

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If you or your loved ones have questions or concerns related to accessing radiation therapy, please call this breast cancer information line to have your questions answered.
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Find out how you can:

  1. Access treatment within days not weeks

  2. Receive remote telehealth consultations

Who will you be speaking with?

Our warm and friendly cancer nurse consultants have clinical experience in oncology nursing.

What do patients say about their experience?

Take a moment to hear Elise’s message and experience of GenesisCare.

Elise is in her early thirties and is a successful professional marathon runner. She recently had a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Answering your breast cancer questions

We recently held a Facebook Live session to answer questions from breast cancer patients. Hosted by patient turned consumer rep – Leslie Gilham who asked two GenesisCare doctors – medical oncologist Dr Sally Baron-Hay and radiation oncologist Dr Susan Carroll – questions concerning breast patients during COVID-19. Take a listen below.

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