We see care differently

We believe care should be focused on you, the individual, not the condition. We believe care should be available when and where you need it most and it should be designed to help give you the best life outcomes possible.

This is our vision for your care.

We work to develop a detailed understanding of your needs, so we can design the right care plan for you if you’re being treated for cancer, heart disease or sleep disorders.

Across the world, we have more than 130 GenesisCare centres to help us bring you the right care. For radiation therapy, that includes 12 centres in the UK, 21 in Spain and 30 in Australia. We also offer cardiology and sleep services at more than 80 locations across Australia.

Together, we’re a global team of more than 2,500 highly trained health professionals and support staff. Every year our team sees more than 160,000 people all over the world.

Our purpose & values


Our purpose is to design care experiences that get the best possible life outcomes. To give you high-quality care that’s available where and when you need it and is tailored to your particular needs. Care that helps you get on with your life and do the things that are important to you. We do this by approaching care like nobody else.

We are committed to change.
We see things differently.
We do things differently.
We always want better outcomes.

Everything we do is designed in partnership all the way through the entire care process. That means working with everyone from our clinicians to our technicians, from our internal teams to patients. Because, by working together, we stand a better chance of getting more complete health outcomes for you.

This approach comes across in four key values that underpin everything we do:

Empathy for all
We understand your individual needs, emotions and ambitions. Because we believe that by understanding you as an individual, we have the best chance to make a real difference to your experience and your life outcome.

Partnership, inside and out
We work with some of the world’s leading care experts. So it makes sense to share, listen and learn as one – with teams inside and outside. This rich mix of ideas is how we keep improving our care.

Innovation every day
We believe that insight and evidence are the best ways to power considered, innovative ideas. So we trust in what we learn, to develop what we don’t yet know, to give you care that’s constantly evolving.

Bravery to have a go
We dare to make ideas happen, to make the impossible a reality, because at GenesisCare that’s our DNA. We will only fulfil our purpose if we try and learn, and commit ourselves to making things happen; nothing means more to us than getting you the best life outcomes possible.

Our people

People centricity is at the heart of what we do—whether that person is a patient, a referring doctor, a partner or someone in our team. We aim to build culture of ‘care’ that is patient focused and performance driven. We are always improving, designing new and higher standards for patient satisfaction and clinical excellence. Across our network, we employ talented and passionate health care and business professionals.


  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Practice management
  • Physicists
  • Business professionals
  • Engineers
  • Cardiac technicians
  • Sleep technicians
  • Practice administration
  • Radiation therapists

Our history

Where we are



We are the largest provider of radiation therapy across Australia, operating 30 cancer centres in major metropolitan and also regional settings (including in tertiary teaching public hospitals). We also provide cardiology and sleep services at more than 80 locations.


We have been caring for cancer patients in Spain for almost 30 years, offering greater accessibility to treatments and putting all the necessary resources at our patients disposal to improve their quality of life. Today, we operate 21 cancer treatment centres and more are planned.

United Kingdom

In the UK we launched our first, pioneering radiation therapy treatment centre in 2009, as Cancer Partners UK. Today, we operate 12 cancer treatment centres and more are planned.


An estimated 1.5m cancer patients need radiation therapy treatment in China every year. We’re working with leading Chinese partners to bring the highest quality and most innovative technologies for cancer care to areas across China.