Cardiology and sleep conditions

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Understanding heart health

The term heart disease, also referred to as cardiovascular disease (CVD), is used to describe a range of conditions that affect the heart or blood vessels.

There are also cardiovascular risk factors and these are conditions that increase the risk that damage will occur to the heart muscles or blood vessels. These risk factors include genetics (people who have a family history of heart disease), poor diet and exercise, smoking or an illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

It is important to be aware of your risk factors and the signs and symptoms of CVD. To find out more about these risk factors, and how to reduce your risk, click here.

At GenesisCare we have a broad network of specialised cardiologists and cardiac nurses, utilising the latest research and technology to help diagnose your condition, reduce symptoms and improve your heart health.

If you are concerned about your heart health, speak to your GP and request a referral for GenesisCare.

Types of cardiovascular disease

Aortic valve disease

Atrial fibrillation

Coronary artery disease

Heart failure

High blood pressure


Structural heart disease


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Understanding your sleep health

Difficulty sleeping or breathing can result in a poor quality of life, increased morbidity and even mortality. And many sleep disorders are connected to cardiovascular disease (CVD). In 2010 an estimated 1.5 million Australians aged 20 or over had sleep disorders.

Poor sleep quality may cause or contribute to CVD, and CVD may perturb sleep. More than 50% of patients with heart failure have sleep abnormalities. We are committed to providing the best possible outcomes and comprehensive access to treatment.

Types of sleep disorders

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