How we’re redefining cancer care

GenesisCare is the UK’s leading independent provider of advanced cancer diagnostics, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Theranostics. We provide our patients with a world-class standard of care and access to the latest innovative treatments that are proven to be safe and effective.

Our state-of-the-art centres provide cutting edge technology including the MRIdian
MR Linac – a ground breaking radiotherapy machine combining high resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning techniques with an extremely powerful radiotherapy system allowing clinicians to see as they treat and target tumours with greater control and precision. This means that the radiation is much more focused and you may only need five treatments whereas with conventional radiotherapy you could have up to 39 treatments.

At GenesisCare you’ll get rapid access to specialist services such as our One Stop Breast Clinics. These provide same-day testing and diagnosis to eliminate waiting times between appointments.

Our UrologyHub provides fast and easy access to diagnostic services and expert urologists for a wide range of health conditions.

With a philosophy to treat the whole patient not just the cancer, we use an integrated cancer care approach. Wellbeing and exercise medicine are part of our personalised care programme and are proven to deliver improved patient outcomes.

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Our patient stories

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Coming to GenesisCare gave me the hope that there is life after cancer

Hughie, patient at GenesisCare
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We have the latest innovations

With the latest evidence-based treatments from around the world, GenesisCare invests in innovative treatments that are proven to be safe and effective and help achieve the best outcomes for our patients.

We treat all types of adult cancers and provide a complete care plan, which includes many of the most innovative treatments as standard.

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Advanced treatments as standard

We use some of the most advanced techniques to treat all types of adult cancers, including advanced diagnostic imaging, precision radiotherapy techniques which are proven to be safe and effective for difficult-to-treat tumours while limiting dose to healthy tissue and high dose radiotherapy for shorter treatment duration.

It’s important that you have access to the best possible treatment for you and this may be one of the reasons you have chosen to use your private medical insurance or to fund your treatment yourself.

Newer radiotherapy systems for cancer treatment can have better results. But they are not available everywhere.

At GenesisCare we have the latest generation systems to deliver highly targeted radiotherapy for effective tumour treatments with fewer side effects. We provide:

  • More ‘controllable’ and accurate types of beam (VMAT and SABR/SRS)
  • Sophisticated inbuilt scanners to ‘see’ and constantly adjust where we are treating (SGRT and IGRT)
  • Special techniques to protect the heart muscle from coming in the path of the radiation beam (DIBH) for breast cancer treatment
  • Spacer insertions to protect the rectum during prostate cancer radiotherapy


For some types of cancer, it’s possible to complete radiotherapy in fewer treatments (fractions) without reducing the effectiveness of treatment. This is called hypofractionation.

In some cases it’s possible to have radiotherapy for breast and prostate cancer in just five visits.

This is important because it ensures fewer visits, often fewer side effects and some cancers can respond well to a smaller number of higher doses.

Our highly experienced cancer experts work as teams to ensure that every patient has access to world-class cancer care within days of diagnosis.

All our consultants also work for large regional NHS hospitals which means they have extensive experience and are familiar with the local healthcare networks.

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Contact us today to book an appointment or speak to a member of our experienced and compassionate team about private cancer care and how we can help you.
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